Bosch 36" Cooktops

Bosch 36" cooktop installed in modern kitchen design.

Bosch 36" Cooktops

Bosch 36" cooktops are available in three powerful and versatile ways to cook - induction, electric or gas.

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Bosch 36" induction cooktop installed in timeless kitchen design.

Bosch 36" Induction Cooktops

The 36" induction cooktop includes AutoChef® to regulate temperatures for consistently excellent results.

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Bosch 36" five burner gas cooktop with powerful and precise burner

Bosch 36" Gas Cooktops

The 36" five burner gas cooktop includes an OptiSim® burner to simmer delicate sauces and melt chocolate without scorching.

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Bosch 36" electric cooktop presice temperature control

Bosch 36" Electric Cooktops

The 36" electric cooktop includes precise temperature control for better cooking results.

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At Bosch, we make products that are invented for life. With an enduring commitment to quality and design, our products allow you to savor every detail.

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Black Stainless Steel

Make a statement without leaving a mark. Our black stainless steel helps guard against scratches and fingerprints to maintain their bold look.

Benchmark® Series.

Our Benchmark® Series features signature products like built-in refrigeration, SideOpening wall ovens, and FlexInduction® cooktops.

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Browse an array of kitchen designs, curated to help inspire your kitchen refresh or remodel.

Small spaces. Big Potential.

Bosch 24" appliances save space without sacrificing quality and style. Whether you're in a loft or downsizing, our small space appliances deliver.

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