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Write a review on your Bosch appliance to be entered for a chance to win a $500 VISA Prepaid Card. At Bosch, we’re always striving to deliver the best quality appliances, and appreciate any feedback from our customers, however big or small. Sweepstakes begins May 8, 2020.

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Great Machine, But....

This is overall a great machine. It’s very quiet, and I like the third rack on top. I on,y wish it had a heard dry, as my plastics come out wet most of the time. Not the end of the world, but a slight annoyance.

New Bosch Dishwasher Customers

We are overall very happy with our new dishwasher. It washes well, is quiet, easy to use, and has lots of innovative space saving ideas so we can fit many different sized dishes in and fill it up. The only downside and why we didn't give it 5 stars is that it didn't dry very well. Our dishes and the inner walls have alot of water on them after the cycle is completely over. I have to dry most of the dishes off before putting them away.

Quiet and efficient

We have been regularly running the dishwasher for the past couple of months. We've settled on using the 60 minute wash as we tend to have dishes that are minimally soiled and have been very satisfied. The operation is exceedingly quiet. We particularly like the top rack where we can lay out all the cooking utensils. Our only issue is that tall wine glasses are somewhat hard to stand up against the side rack, although we manage to do so.

Substantial Improvement over my prior Bosch

This dishwasher is so much better than my, not sure, my former 10-15 year old Bosch. Cleans beautifully, even in short cycle. Runs extremely quietly. The third level flatware tray frees up a big portion of the lower tray for more dishes. Also, we are fortunate in that the third level opens up directly to the drawer in which we keep our flatware, so off-loading is so easy. Honestly, no complaints whatsoever.

All mine

Quiet although has a strange odor...because it isn't new?

My New Dishwasher

My new Bosch Dishwasher exceeded my expectations. Although I knew I would only replace my old clunky dishwasher with a Bosch I was worried that dishwashers made today would not be as good/quality as my old KitchenAid dishwasher. This one is so fabulous, sleek, quiet, dishes come out super clean and I can fit a ton of dishes in there! My next purchase is going to be a Fridge and of course I'm only buying Bosch from now on.

Your opinion matters.

Quality is in the details. At Bosch, we know that everything our engineers touch, touches lives. Tell us your thoughts so we can help make new products even better.

The Bosch Appliance Service Plan

The Bosch Appliance Service Plan

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