Blending Classic Design with Modern Simplicity

They say that how a child plays and interacts with his surroundings is a strong indicator of what he’ll do in the future. Not surprisingly, as a child, I was already captivated by design. I paid close attention to never-ending skyscrapers in my native city, Tel Aviv, and I carefully studied unique old homes that I passed on my route home from school – playing “make believe” about how I would modernize the ancient structures. From morning until night, I felt this unbreakable connection to the buildings that made up my world.

Fast forward many years, and that eye for design has blossomed into my passion and career – architecture. And with every new project, I still feel a bit of that childhood wonder. I can’t quite explain it, but the ability to create an abstract vision, and then fill in every single detail until that dream materializes, is really special to me.

One of my latest projects has been especially fulfilling. I was tasked with re-imagining a home in Los Angeles’ Nichols Canyon – a stimulating, creative endeavor in itself, but partnering with Bosch on this project was the cherry on top!

Nichols Canyon home design by Dan Brunn
Photography by: Brandon Shigeta. Design by: Dan Brunn Architecture

Originally built in the post-war era by a talented architect of his time, I found myself caught between two conflicting design points of view with this home. On the one hand, the structure had many classic features that represented the home’s rich history—it would be a “miss” to completely remove some of this charm. But, I also knew that my clients were passionate about sleek, modern design and bringing this aesthetic to life in their renovation. But, how do you blend these two concepts together?

First, keeping original features that honored the integrity of the home, like the concrete-and-brick fireplace, was a must. When it came to modernizing the space, the first decision we made was to open up social spaces, like the kitchen, so that they were more efficient and conducive to how people enjoy life at home.

Though practical, the existing kitchen was closed off from the rest of the living space. When it came time to renovate the kitchen, the first step was to remove a dividing wall to open the space, while also adding a kitchen island to increase the kitchen’s functionality. In my opinion, the kitchen is one of the most important part of any home so selecting the right furnishing items was also important. To create cohesion in the space, everything placed into the kitchen needed to possess the timeless design of clean lines, balance and functionality.

Incorporating Bosch appliances into the kitchen, or the heart of the home, was a no-brainer for me. Just as I always strive to uphold the principle of purposeful design in every project, Bosch designs each of its cooktops, dishwashers, or refrigerators with that same commitment to simplifying and improving the user’s experience. Take a look at the finished product below.

Photography by: Brandon Shigeta. Design by: Dan Brunn Architecture

Its projects like the Nichols Canyon remodel that remind me of what initially attracted me to design years ago. Being able to transform “the old” into a new haven of beauty, comfort, and functionality, is the best part of my job. And, being able to partner with Bosch, a company that shares my core values, means I don’t have to sacrifice form or function.

Dan Brunn is a brand partner for Bosch home appliances. For more information on the award-winning architect, visit

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