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Behind The Design

A busy family in Miami upgrades their contemporary kitchen.

Miami Inspiration Kitchen

Client Profile:

Alex and Judy Cielo live in Miami. Together with their children Will (8) and Amanda (5), they live an active, fast-paced life. During the week, simple meals are prepared by one of the adults or brought in from a local restaurant, while over the weekend, the entire family makes cooking a group sport. When extended family and friends are in town, everyone pitches in and makes cooking a part of the party.

The Challenge:

The kitchen in the contemporary home the Cielos fell in love with needed an upgrade. They insist on an aesthetically superior kitchen, but also want a kitchen that can accommodate their hectic weekday schedule. Often, meals need to be prepared quickly, and dinnertime is not always at the same time for everyone.

The Solution:

The Cielo’s new kitchen requires plenty of workspace. Bosch appliances include a speed microwave oven and other features that aid fast, consistent cooking results, and their truly flush design adds a high level of sophistication. The design solution includes a contemporary mix of elegant walnut cabinets and Arizona tile split face tavertine. It’s an uncluttered juxtaposition of old-world and high-tech materials.



Countertop Height:

Multiple height countertops enhance the comfortable use of the kitchen for a variety of cooks. By using thicker countertops on standard height cabinets, taller individuals can work at perimeter cabinets with ease. The lowered island cabinets (consider 32-34" AFF) allow for shorter cooks and make it easier to look into and attend to tall pots on the cooking surface.



Consider over-cabinet lighting, as well as under-cabinet lighting. Task lighting to brighten the countertop is a must, and lighting above the cabinets provides interesting mood lighting. It is especially beautiful when highlighting tile or a great ceiling treatment.

Oven Height

Oven Height:

Positioning the speed oven, single oven and steam oven horizontally puts all ovens at the perfect ergonomic height for users of all ages, heights and abilities. Multiple cooks can access each oven at the same time.


Countertop Material:

The black walnut countertop on the sitting side of the island is practical, as well as beautiful. It’s warm to the touch for people sitting in conversation, while the stainless countertop on the cooking side is utilitarian and impervious to burns.



Work Zones:

Multiple work zones work well for a single chef and allow older visitors a place to sit and help in the kitchen. It’s important to make sure there’s counter space near each oven and refrigerator. This is where the large island with spacious countertops becomes an important part of those work zones.

Oven Choices

Oven Choices:

The recessed wall of ovens gives the family great choices for meal prep, no matter what the need. This kitchen stands up to the demands of a very active family’s lifestyle.



Use two 30" refrigerators with freezers below to get more refrigerator space. It gives more fresh food storage room that’s needed when guests are in town.



Styleboard Materials

Covering the back walls with natural split-face travertine adds textural interest and accents the oven wall and alcove, giving contrast to the smooth cabinet and countertop surfaces. The large-format floor tile, a sintered material that’s impervious to staining or damage, is a practical contemporary tribute to old world stone.

Slab walnut door with matched grain on all cabinets. Grain is continuous from top to bottom through all doors and drawers, color of the original flat panel door.

Cabinet Hardware:
Polished chrome knobs.

Sink and Faucet:
Gesture-controlled sink and faucet.

Sink Counter: Engineered quartz, buttermilk.
Island Cooktop Side: Stainless steel with square edge.
Island Seating Side: Walnut with live edge.

Beige 6" x 12" tiles.

Porcelain 12" x 24" tiles.

Oven Wall Surround:
Split-face Travertine.

Hand-blown glass pendant.

Products In This Kitchen

36" Induction Cooktop Benchmark™ Series
Features two FlexInduction™ cooking zones for large pan cooking.
Induction Cooktop
36" Downdraft Ventilation 800 Series
Lowers out of sight when not in use.
Downdraft Ventilation

600 CFM Internal Blower
Internal Blower

Downdraft Recirculation Kit
Downdraft Recirculation Kit

30" Single Wall Oven Benchmark™ Series
With a high-resolution TFT user interface and a QuietClose™ door that won’t slam shut.
Single Wall Oven Benchmark

30" Speed Microwave Oven Benchmark™ Series
Pairs the speed of a microwave oven with the baking and browning ability of a conventional oven.
Speed Microwave Oven Benchmark™ Series

30" Storage Drawer 500 Series
Designed to match the flush fit of a Bosch wall oven, speed microwave oven or steam convection oven.
torage Drawer 500 Series

30" Steam Convection Oven Benchmark™ Series
The only Steam Convection oven in its class that installs flush.
Steam Convection Oven

30" Warming Drawer 500 Series
Designed to match the flush fit of a Bosch wall oven, speed microwave oven or steam convection oven.
Warming Drawer 500 Series

30" Built-in Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator (1) Benchmark™ Series
This slim refrigerator works efficiently to prevent the transfer of flavors and keep produce fresh longer.
Built-in Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator (1) Benchmark

30" Built-in Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator (2) Benchmark™ Series
This slim refrigerator works efficiently to prevent the transfer of flavors and keep produce fresh longer.
Built-in Bottom-Freezer

24" Recessed Handle 39 dBA Dishwasher with TFT Benchmark™ Series
Flexible 3rd rack holds silverware and provides extra space to fit ramekins, measuring cups and extra-large utensils.
Recessed Handle 39 dBA Dishwasher

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