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Design the Perfect Kitchen

Miami Kitchen

Remodel Stories: Designing with Bosch.

See the ways Bosch transforms the kitchen into inviting and functional spaces and get inspired for your kitchen remodel. Click on the different tabs to read our remodel stories from a range of cities across the country.

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Remodelista Boston Market Kitchen | BOSCH

Remodelista's Boston Kitchen

A young couple’s converted row house kitchen marries modern functionality with historic character.

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Dan Brunn Hollywood Kitchen | BOSCH

Dan Brunn's Hollywood Modern Kitchen

Architect and Bosch Brand Partner Dan Brunn re-imagines a Los Angeles kitchen using Bosch Benchmark® Series appliances.

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Chicago Kitchen Remodel Stories | BOSCH

Behind the Design: Chicago Galley Style Kitchen

Young professionals in Chicago renovate a 3 bedroom flat, and want their kitchen to have enough workspace so they can also use it as a gathering place for friends and family.

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Miami Kitchen | BOSCH

Behind the Design: Miami L-Shaped Kitchen

A busy family in Miami upgrades their contemporary kitchen.They want appliances with features that have fast, but consistent cooking results to cater to their hectic schedules.

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Benchmark Kitchen New York | BOSCH

Behind the Design: New York Galley Style Kitchen

Empty nesters in New York make a city loft their own. Foodies who love the restaurant scene, they also like to cook together, shop for fresh ingredients and enjoy hosting a casual meal at home with friends. They want the kitchen as its own space without isolating it from the rest of the communal area in their home.

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San Francisco Kitchen | BOSCH

Behind the Design: San Francisco U-Shaped Kitchen

Samantha and Jeremy love anything contemporary, but want their kitchen to be compatible with their cherished Victorian architecture. Since they work non-stop hours, they want a kitchen that works hard, yet brings simplicity to their lives.

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Austin Kitchen | BOSCH

Behind the Design: Austin L-Shaped Kitchen

A couple in Charlotte build their dream kitchen that has a sleek yet warm feel, with simple lines that are easy to maintain.

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Charlotte Kitchen | BOSCH

Behind the Design: Charlotte U-Shaped Kitchen

A couple in Charlotte build their dream kitchen that has a sleek yet warm feel, with simple lines that are easy to maintain.

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