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Dan Brunn - Kitchen Designs | BOSCH
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Architect Dan Brunn re-imagines a Los Angeles kitchen using Bosch Benchmark® Series appliances.

Bosch’s heritage of clean, efficient design lends itself to the modern home, which calls on simple and elegant functionality to balance busy, and often chaotic, lifestyles. From his vantage point, Dan Brunn sees how kitchen design and its appliances are becoming more streamlined to provide comfort and efficiency in the home. Unobtrusive and intuitive to use, Bosch appliances aid in what Brunn calls a “re-domesticating of the kitchen,” in that “the kitchen is part of the family space, and is integral in terms of its furniture.” Showcasing timeless design, Bosch appliances pare away unnecessary frills and embellishments, marrying form and function. “It’s not about fashion. It’s about longevity and timelessness,” says Brunn. “There are no extra knobs where there shouldn’t be knobs. It’s a very clean palette and a very purposeful design.”

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Adapted from text by Jenny Xie for Photography by Brandon Shigeta.

Dan Brunn - Kitchen Design | BOSCH

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