Sneak Peek: Dan Brunn’s Bridge House

Each design project that my team and I at DBA take on is special in its own way. We firmly believe that if the passion isn’t there for us when we get a project inquiry, then the client is better served with a different team. This means that each project we sign on speaks to us in a visceral way. And, today, I’m excited to share a preview a project I’m working on with Bosch called the Bridge House . This project really awakened a trifecta of feelings for us – drive, creativity, and collaboration.

What I love most about DBA’s projects is how beyond this initial emotional reaction, projects continue to evolve as inspiration strikes from almost anywhere. While the property in Hancock Park, a neighborhood in the heart of LA, initially spoke to me as a modern renovation, it was a trip to the East Coast that really inspired the unique design of the home.

After a visit to the Breakers in Newport, Rhode Island, I came back to the Bridge House jobsite refreshed and with a new vision. I wanted to create a groundbreaking, “floating” retreat perfectly saddled over a bubbling stream located on the property. Hence the name: Bridge House. We truly are creating an inhabitable bridge over a stream. Peaceful. Tranquil. And, not quite what you would expect in the hustle and bustle of LA living.

And while inspiration like this is always important, an architect plays an interesting role in that our work touches both hemispheres of the brain. Not only must we push the limits of creativity, but also we must think about things from a very practical, technical point of view. Inspiration is often the first step, but the project can never come to fruition without true innovation. As the team undertakes the challenge of redefining the traditional one-story home concept to a long, rectangular shape and 210-foot length, this effort required an equal balance of both inspiration and innovation.

Dan Brunn’s Bridge House from the outside

This starts with the building process itself. Contrary to what you might think, building technology hasn’t changed that drastically over the past few decades. But with the Bridge House, we opted for steel construction system, which is paving the future of building technology. With this type of system, every aspect of the home is designed from a computer, then each part of the home is constructed and shipped directly to the construction site. Then, it’s like using a Lego set – each portion of the home perfectly fits together piece by piece.

The Bridge House while under construction

This may seem like a very simple concept, but the advantages of this type of system have a profound effect on this project. For starters, it’s extremely sustainable. In fact, we don’t even have a waste bin at the Bridge House jobsite right now, which is pretty remarkable. As well, it’s easier to put together so less skilled labor is required. And lastly, it means we have even tighter control of the design. This especially comes into play with the kitchen design. Since we opted to install sleek Bosch appliances to create a unique, open kitchen look, we wanted to keep the rest of the space equally simple. From the kitchen cabinetry to the flooring and countertops, we were able to design and order exactly what complemented the appliances and install them with ease. This really simplified and streamlined the construction timeline. Check at the concept image below for a peek at the kitchen design!

The modern kitchen design with Bosch appliances in Dan Brunn’s Bridge House

The team is a little over halfway through the development of the Bridge House. We likely will wrap in June 2018, and although I can’t wait for this to come to life, I’m going to be a little sad when this project is over because it has been so fun to chart new territory as we developed this project. I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek of the Bridge House, and this definitely isn’t the last of it you will hear on A Modern Haven. Stay tuned for more updates!

Dan Brunn is a brand partner for Bosch home appliances. For more information on the award-winning architect, visit .

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