Tips for the first 100 days

  • Don’t mix dark and light clothes. Be careful with washing colored clothes, like red socks, along with light clothes, like a white t-shirt. The result may be a pink shirt. To prevent colors from mixing, wash them separately.
  • Keep the door open. Remaining moisture can create unwanted odors. That’s why you should keep the door of your machine open after use.
  • Don’t overload. your washer’s drum. Follow the instructions in your machine’s manual.

  • The right temperature. Wash white, very dirty and greasy clothes as well as diapers and towels at 140°F and above. 104°F reduces fading or shrinking of your light-colored clothes. To stop dark and bright colors from fading wash at 86°C. But be careful! To be safe, follow the washing label on your clothes.
  • Detergent matters. For the best washing results, use the right detergent for different types of clothes. Heavy-duty detergent with bleach is used to keep white fabrics pearly white. For a brilliant black, use gentle detergent for black fabrics. For radiant colors in your colorful clothes, use color detergent. And use gentle detergent to protect wool and silk from damage.
  • Soft and cuddly. Use softener if you want your clothes to be extra soft.

The first wash cycle. Make sure your washer is empty and set it to 140°C when you run your machine for the first time. After that your washer is clean and ready to go.

Clean and hygienic. To maintain your washer, you should clean the lint filter and the door seal once a month. Follow the manual instructions for use and care maintenance instructions.

  • Scale the scale. In general your standard detergent contains enough anti-scaling. You should simply check the hardness of your water and dose your detergent accordingly.

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