Washing myths - right or wrong?

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Treating your clothes with hairspray, coffee or white wine: is there some truth in these wisdoms? When it comes to washing there are many myths that already overcame centuries. The more the better is only one of the most common myths around laundry care.

  • Always wash your lingerie by hand
    Wrong - just wash your lingerie in a lingerie bag with warm water to keep it in shape
  • Hairspray removes ink stains
    Right - Most hairsprays contain alcohol, which removes ink
  • Dryer makes clothes shrink
    Wrong - the lack of moisture makes the clothes shrink. Only make sure not to over dry them
  • Freezing your jeans will fresh them up
    Right - cold temperatures kill bacteria
  • Adding extra detergent makes your clothes cleaner
    Wrong - too much detergent leads to a detergent layer on the clothes which makes them sticky
  • Add coffee to keep black clothes from fading
    Wrong - coffee dyes, but it doesn’t bring back color
  • Treat stains from the outside of your clothes
    Wrong - by treating stains from the inside they get rubbed out easier
  • Hot water kills all germs and bacteria
    Wrong - some bacteria can’t be killed with heat
  • White wine removes red wine stains
    Right - white wine dilutes the stain’s color

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