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Cotton, viscose, wool are just a few of the many different types of fabrics. Learn more about the most popular fabrics and the proper way to wash them in order to maintain your clothes in tip top shape.

Soft, soaky, comfy: Flannel.

Flannel can usually be cleaned in the washing machine. It can be dried in the tumble-dryer at a low temperature. Flannel should not be bleached and when ironing, make sure that you only use a low temperature.

Light, breezy, durable: Cotton.

Cotton is very sturdy, and at the same time, soft and comfortable to wear. It is durable and can be washed frequently. Do not tumble dry (as this may shrink the fabric) and make sure that when ironing you use a medium temperature.

High-value, treasured: Silk.

Washing silk can be challenging due to its delicate nature. Typically, it’s best to wash silk by hand. Bleaching and tumble drying is not recommended. When ironing use a low temperature.

Sensitive, warm, sturdy: Wool.

When washing wool it is especially important to check the washing label. If it is suitable for the washing machine it should be washed within the range of lukewarm to 104°C with a special wool detergent. Do not tumble dry and iron with a medium temperature.

Hard-wearing, versatile: Jeans.

For long lasting jeans, try not to wash them too often and do not put them into the tumble-dryer. If possible lay the jeans out flat to dry. Actually jeans should not be ironed. But if you need to iron then only with low ironing temperature and inside out.

Versatile, unproblematic, resistant: Polyester.

Polyester is pretty simple to wash. In general, clothes should always be washed inside out. A softener should not be used for polyester because it could damage the fabric. If you want it to be tumble-dried, use a low dry temperature.

Cooling, drying, fresh: Tricot.

Tricot can be washed at 86°F maximum. It should be tumble-dried and only ironed with a low temperature. Make sure that all zippers and hook-and-loop fasteners are closed so that the clothes are not damaged.

Soft, velvety and shiny: Viscose.

When washing viscose, a washing net can help to protect the clothes. Viscose can be washed at 86°C. It should not be tumble-dried, but it can be ironed at a low temperature. If possible, do not use the spin cycle for viscose.

Tearproof, easy-care, convenient: Blended fabric.

With blended fabric, it is important to only fill the washing drum to half of its capacity. Otherwise, the clothes might be wrinkled. Blended fabric can be washed at 86°C with a low spin cycle. When ironing, make sure to use a low temperature.

Romantic, beautiful, promising: Lace fabric.

There are many different types of lace fabric. That is why there is no universal care label for it. The finer the lace is, the more care you should take in washing it. It’s typically best to hand wash lace. Use lukewarm water with a little bit of detergent and let it soak. After that, it can be rinsed with cool water.

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