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The dont's of washing your bed sheets

Don't do this when washing your sheets
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On average, we spend from 6 to 8 hours between the bed sheets every night. It is quite normal for sweat and tiny skin particles to remain on the linen. It’s important to change your bed sheets regularly. Read our tips below to get the best results when washing your linens. With these tips, you’ll have clean and fresh bed sheets without damaging the often delicate fabric.

Pre-treat any stains
Don't tumble dry too long
Don't overload your washing machine
Change sheets every two weeks
Use gentle settings for your sheets
Don't dry sheets with towels
  • Don’t wait too long between washes. You spend a lot of time in your bed sheets where germs, sweat, and body oils accumulate quickly. That’s why you should change your sheets about every two weeks.
  • Don’t forget to pre-treat any stains. If there are no visible stains, you’re in luck. But always check for makeup marks, food stains or any other residues, and pre-treat them with a stain remover.
  • Don’t overload your washing machine. Bed sheets need to circulate in the washing machine to get clean. So never cram them in the wash drum. Instead, lay them in separately.
  • Choose the appropriate cycle. Be gentle to your bed sheets and choose a setting with a cleaning cycle that uses the hottest water safe for the sheets’ fabric (check the washing label).
  • Don’t let them spin in the dryer too long. Tumble dry sheets on low heat for the shortest time possible. This minimizes shrinkage and helps reduce wrinkling, too.
  • Don’t dry sheets with towels. Bed sheets dry faster than towels. So when the sheets are dry, the towels will likely still be wet.
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