Top 10 Tips to Avoid Food Waste

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Many people do not realize how much food they throw away. With our easy tips, you can maximize the shelf life of your food and easily manage what’s in your pantry and refrigerator. Spend less trips to the grocery store and more time doing the things you love.

Write the date

Forgot when you opened the milk bottle? Just write the opening date on it. This helps prevent wasting leftovers of opened boxes, bottles or containers.

Portion control

Try to properly measure or weigh food to get the right portion size. This will ensure you don’t have too many leftovers that you can’t finish.

First in, first out

It helps to organize your refrigerator and pantry so that freshly bought food sits in the back, so you remember to consume older food first.

Shop smart… and with a list

Use a shopping list and make sure that you know what’s already in your kitchen. This way, you’ll only buy what you need and don’t overstock on items you already have in your pantry. You’ll also save time in the grocery store if you already know what you need.

Freeze it up

Got some leftovers? Pop them in the freezer. From casseroles to baked goods, there’s plenty of items that freeze well and will taste just as good once reheated.

In the jar

Use jars to pickle and make preserves. Jars also make a pretty kitchen decoration!

Suitable substitutes

Sometimes there is no need to buy that extra unique ingredient (that you probably won’t use again) if you can find a suitable substitute in your pantry or refrigerator. When baking, plain yogurt works as a great substitute for many ingredients.

Save the scraps

Don’t throw away vegetable peels – use them to cook a delicious vegetable stock. You already have the perfect base for the next delightful soup.

Stock freeze

Sometimes, you may only need a small portion of sauce. Try freezing leftover sauce in an ice tray. This can be easily taken out and thawed at any time.

Leftover lunch

Get creative and cook one “Use-it-up meal” per week. For example, a delicious Asian dish with pineapple and rice. This is the perfect opportunity to explore your creativity in the kitchen and use up leftovers that would otherwise be tossed.

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