How to get your clothes free from pollen

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If you have allergies, it isn’t always easy and you have to fight with a range of symptoms such as burning eyes, runny nose or itchy skin. You can gain a little relief by freeing your laundry from any allergens. Putting the correct load in the washing machine can help significantly. We have listed the most important tips here for you for helping people with allergies. If you follow the instructions and do your laundry, for example, at 60 degrees, select an additional rinse or put your clothes in the freezer, you can largely render almost all allergens harmless.

  • Less is more. You should dose the detergent as precisely as possible. Check your machine’s manual for the perfect amount for each of your needs.
  • Avoid fabric softener. Fabric softeners make it easier for pollen to lodge deep in the structure of your clothes.
  • Freeze it! There are textiles that may only be washed at low temperatures, e.g. stuffed animals. Here a regular store in the freezer can find a remedy because low temperatures can kill the mites. After a night in the freezer wash at low temperature to remove all allergen residues.
  • Additional clear water. An additional wash cycle with clear water helps rinsing the last pollen off.
  • High temperatures. Dust mites don’t like high temperatures. By washing your bedding at 60°C and drying it at maximum heat for the fabric, you minimize allergy triggers.
  • Use laundry sacks. A microfiber laundry sack causes ionization while washing fabrics, which leads to an extra clean result.
  • Lock it up. In pollen seasons the laundry should be dried in aeratable interiors or in a trumble dryer.

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To learn more about our Laundry Tips&tricks, go to our main section lore ipsum

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