How to refill rinse aid

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How to refill rinse aid in your dishwasher (and reduce spillage)

If you notice rinse aid residue...

If you notice rinse aid residue on the inside of the dishwasher door, it is probably because some of the rinse aid did not get poured directly into the compartment. The spill residue may roll down the inside of the dishwasher door once you close it to start a cycle.

Tip: For easier pouring and minimized spillage, twist off the rinse aid bottle cap before pouring. It also helps to pour from the right side of the compartment.

Keep reading for advice on how to avoid spillage and properly refill the rinse aid compartment.


1. Open the rinse aid dispenser by pressing on the latch of the lid and pulling the lid open.

2. Carefully pour the liquid rinse aid in the dispenser until it reaches the max line. Make sure you do not overfill the dispenser as it may leak when you close the compartment.

3. Close the lid. Make sure you hear a click to ensure the compartment is fully closed and sealed.

4. Once the lid is closed, check around the compartment and wipe up any excess rinse aid that may have puddled.


What is rinse aid and how does it work?

Rinse aid is a liquid formula that lowers the surface tension of water, and helps it slide off your dishes with ease. The result? You get shinier, drier* dishes at the end of a wash cycle.

*vs. using detergent alone

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