MUM kitchen machines

MUM kitchen machines

The right MUM for every kitchen.

From entry-level model to the premium food processor with 1600 Watt: With our proven MUM food processors you will definitely find the right one for all your needs - and the right accessories required for each task. As varied as our MUM kitchen machines are, perfect results are included as standard.

OptiMUM: A leader in power and innovation

OptiMUM: a leader in power and innovation. With integrated scales.

Be demanding! The OptiMUM kitchen machine combines design and convenience with power to achieve first-class results.

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MUM 5: The stylish kitchen assistant

MUM 5: the stylish kitchen assistant. In 18 colours.

Your creativity knows no bounds: The MUM 5 kitchen machine is the perfect tool for your recipe ideas.

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MUM 4: The beginner-level model for those with high demands

MUM 4: the beginner-level model for those with high demands. With lots of accessories.

The ideal first kitchen machine. With the MUM 4 you are guaranteed excellent Bosch quality and a wide selection of accessories.

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Additional accessories for our kitchen machines

Additional accessories for our kitchen machines: lots of different ingredients.

The range of accessories for our kitchen machines is not only practical, it also guarantees that there's no limit to your imagination when it comes to preparing food. Our versatile standard and special accessories offer everything you could ever want: whether it's for dough and cake mixtures, home-made pasta, fresh ratatouille or mince for a lasagne.

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