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Choosing the right kitchen equipment is important when it comes to cooking and baking. Whether you’re steaming, slow-cooking or seasoning, the right equipment is your kitchen sidekick to achieving the best results.

Kitchen knives

The Crumb Maker, the Samurai and the Essential

Bread knife, santoku knife and chef’s knife

  • With its serrated blade, the Bread Knife cuts through the hardest crusts and yields clean, even slices that would be fit for any charcuterie platter!
  • The Santoku Knife is ideal for cutting fish, meat and vegetables. The knife edges are very straight and there is no pointed tip. It’s best used when you need to dice or mince ingredients, and its wide surface makes it easy to scoop and transfer ingredients to a bowl or pan after you’re finished prepping.
  • The chef’s knife is exactly what it sounds like: the chef’s most important knife. It’s one of the most versatile knives and can handle meats and vegetables. The curved edges make it easy to chop and dice ingredients by simply rocking the knife back and forth.
More kitchen knives

The Butcher, the Petite and the Mezzaluna

Meat carving knife, paring knife and mezzaluna knife

  • Due to its long and thin blade, the meat carving knife allows for very precise, thin, and clean cuts.
  • The paring knife is an all-rounder and perfect for many kitchen tasks that need precision. Its small size makes it easy to handle and it’s best used for peeling and chopping ingredients.
  • The mezzaluna typically has two handles, and makes it easy to chop and dice vegetables by moving the blade back and forth.
Knife sharpener and kitchen scissors

The sharpener and the double trouble

Sharpening steel and kitchen scissors

  • Over time and with excessive use, knives become dull and need to be sharpened to ensure precise results.
  • A good pair kitchen scissors is an important part of every kitchen.
Scraper, brush, and egghead tools

The scraper, the brush and the egghead

Dough scraper, silicone brush and whisk

  • A silicone spatula makes getting any kind of dough out of bowls a piece of cake.
  • Having a modern kitchen means having a silicone brush which is useful for basting.
  • Every baker needs a whisk to whip up light and airy cakes.
Mixing tools

The Stand Mixer and the Handheld Mixer

  • The stand mixer is a kitchen essential that is used for a variety of kitchen tasks and is especially useful for making baked goods.
  • With a range of speed levels, a hand mixer saves time and energy in the kitchen so you don’t have to mix by hand. Make whipped cream and cream eggs and sugar with minimal effort.
Measuring tools

The Kitchen Scale and Measuring Cup

  • Doesn’t matter if you are cooking or baking: A digital scale helps every cook achieve perfect results with its precise measurements.
  • Also helpful for getting the right liquid measurements is a measuring cup.
Blender, peeler, and garlic press

The Immersion Blender, Peeler and Garlic Press

  • Soups, cocktails, smoothies – the immersion blender makes life in the kitchen easier in so many ways. Because it’s handheld, it’s easy to use and not bulky which makes cleanup even easier.
  • A peeler peels fruits and vegetables with ease.
  • With a garlic press, you can keep the garlic smell off your hands and also press unpeeled cloves of garlic.
Graters, pasta maker, and kitchen tongs

The Box Grater, Pasta Maker and Kitchen Tongs

  • For grating cheese, vegetables, and potatoes, a grater is a must-have in every kitchen.
  • With a pasta maker, you can make all sorts of pasta from fettuccine noodles to butternut squash ravioli.
  • A pair of tongs is essential in every kitchen. Tongs are useful for tossing salads, turning meats, and so much more!
Casserole dish, thermometer, and blowtorch

The Casserole Dish, Meat Thermometer and Blowtorch

  • Easily prepare and serve lasagnas and casseroles with a casserole dish. Cleanup is even easier if it’s dishwasher-safe and oven safe. Casserole dishes are also good for storing leftovers in the refrigerator or freezer.
  • A meat thermometer is an indispensable tool to ensure your fish and meat dishes are properly cooked.
  • A blowtorch is the perfect tool to create to finish off any dessert with a golden caramelized crust.
Dishcare tips and tricks

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