Serie | 6 Automatic washing machine


The added value washing machine with ActiveOxygen: Perfect purity for sensitive clothes at low washtemperatures.
iSensoric Washing Machine with sensoFresh.


AntiVibration sidewall: more stability and less vibration.

The new design of the side walls is not only eye catching: the system also provides more stability and reduces vibration. The enhanced insulation also regulates noise levels, making Bosch Logixx and Avantixx very quiet even during the spin cycle.

Never miss an item again. Reload by Bosch.

For any forgotten items of laundry, Reload by Bosch allows you to add or remove clothing to your washes. Just stop the running cycle and open the door of the washing maching to simply reload your additional items into the drum and continue the wash.

VarioPerfect: Washing more quickly or efficiently.

Through its perfect program range, VarioPerfect ensures top wash results for all types of fabrics and every load. With VarioPerfect, you can set most programs to be quicker or more efficient with the SpeedPerfect and EcoPerfect functions. This reduces time by up to 65% or energy by up to 50%.

ActiveWater Plus: Save money and protecting the environment thanks to the efficient water management.

ActiveWater Technology consists of three components: the sensor-controlled, continuous automatic load adjustment, the optimised water induction and the drum system. To avoid water wastage, the sensor adjusts the exact water consumption to the wash, according to the fabric type and quantity. The laundry is soaked faster and more evenly through the optimised water inflow which is particularly mild and gentle. Thanks to the VarioSoft or Vario drum and its droplet-shaped structure and paddles, the water gets distributed more evenly and faster. ActiveWater washing machines make a significant contribution to efficient water management in your home.


ActiveOxygen™ technology rids even the most delicate garments of 99,9% bacteria and germs with low washing temperatures. Without chemical additives and by only one push of a button. ActiveOxygen™ doesn't compromise hygienic cleaning for protecting your fabrics. The washing process is optimized so that the colour of delicate garments is preserved and your laundry is prevented from shrinking. Which is why your favourite garment will remain your favourite garment for so much longer.

Start Delay for more flexibility.

With the 24h Start Delay, you can enjoy even more flexibility. You can preset the required time for the washing machine program to start. In this way, you can be absolutely certain that your washing will be finished exactly when you want.

DrumClean Reminder

Do not know when to clean the drum? Do not worry, it does not matter. When the washing machine is used under 40 ℃ and continuous operation by 20 times, ""drum cleaning"" program will automatically reminde you

Outstanding washing results thanks to optimum water distribution

This drum thinks for itself: The droplet-shaped structure and the size of the paddles ensure faster and more even water distribution – producing outstanding washing results.

EcoSilence System

Intelligent technologies like EcoSilence Drive™ reduce noise, so that the laundry can be done whilst the baby's asleep. You can be sure to achieve the very best results: optimum rest and a perfect washing performance for those among us who want to remain undisturbed.

Additional information

Main features
  • Capacity: 9 kg
  • Energy Efficiency Class: 5 Energy Stars
  • Energy consumption NO_FEATURE kWh per year, based on 220 standard washing cycles for cotton programmes at 60°C and 40°C at full and partial load, and the consumption of the low power modes. Actual energy consumption will depend on how the applianc
  • energy consumption of the standard 60 °C cotton programme NO_FEATURE at full load and NO_FEATURE at partial load and of the standard 40 °C cotton programme NO_FEATURE at partial load
  • weighted power consumption off-mode / left-on mode: NO_FEATURE / NO_FEATURE
  • Water consumption NO_FEATURE litres per year, based on 220 standard washing cycles for cotton programmes at 60°C and 40°C at full and partial load. Actual water consumption will depend on how the appliance is used.
  • spin-drying efficiency class: B
  • Max. spin speed: 1400 rpm
  • Cottons 60 Eco and Cottons 40 Eco are the standard washing programmes to which the information in the label relates. These programmes are suitable to clean normally soiled cotton laundry and are the most efficient programmes in terms of combined energy an
  • Programme time:60 °C cotton programme NO_FEATURE at full load NO_FEATURE at partial load and 40 °C cotton programme NO_FEATURE partial load
  • Noise level washing dB (A) re 1 pW: NO_FEATURE
  • Noise level spinning dB (A) re 1 pW: NO_FEATURE
  • VarioPerfect: time- or energy optimized programs with perfect wash performance
  • Touch control buttons: Prewash, Reduced Ironing, Spin speed reduction, Time delay, Temperature, SpeedPerfect, EcoPerfect, Start / Reload / Pause, rinse hold, options, Memory, HygienicSteam-Antibacteria und 24 h <5123br
Comfort and Safety
  • XXL Drum volume: 63 l
  • VarioDrum: gentle and efficient washing
  • DrumClean with reminder function
  • 32 cm porthole, chrome, white with 171° opening door
  • Yes
  • BLDC
  • AntiVibration
  • Sound insulation
  • Flow-through sensor
  • ActiveWater: water management system
  • Multiple water protection
  • infinitely variable
  • Consumption Indication: Information about energy and water consumption
  • jog dial
  • Large touch-LED-display for programme status indication, temperature selection, max. spin speed, remaining time and 24 h end time delay, load recommendation and consumption indication
  • Foam detection system
  • Childproof door lock
  • easy clean
  • Divider for Liquid Detergent
Technical information
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 84.8 x 59.8 x 59 cm

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