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Bosch Energy Efficient Dishwashers

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Bar Handle Dishwasher SHX9ER55UC  

24" Bar Handle
Dishwasher - 239 kWh/year
Model: SHX9PT55UC

Bar Handle Dishwasher SHX9ER55UC 

24" Bar Handle
Dishwasher - 239 kWh/year
Model: SHX9PT75UC


24" Panel Ready
Dishwasher - 239 kWh/year
Model: SHV9PT53UC

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A Passion for Efficiency

Bosch energy efficient dishwashers are committed to conserving water, electricity and human energy. Case in point: Bosch’s exclusive ActiveWater™ technology utilizes design, water pressure and efficiency to enable two gallons of water to do the work of 1300. That makes it possible for us to have the most water efficient dishwasher in each class. Plus, with some of our dishwashers using as little as 239 kilowatt hours of electricty per year, we can exceed even ENERGY STAR standards by over 33%.

Bosch ActiveWater technology utilizes design, water pressure and efficiency
2013 Energy Star Award for Sustained Excellence

Award Winning ENERGY STAR® Dishwashers

In 2011, 2012, and 2013 Bosch received ENERGY STAR®’s highest honor - the Sustained Excellence award. We’ve maintained this standard by having every Bosch dishwasher exceed ENERGY STAR®’s high standards, some models by 125%. But we didn’t stop there - one Bosch dishwasher can save over 400 gallons (or 10 bathtubs) of water each year! Bosch Home Appliances is proud to offer our customers products that have earned the government's ENERGY STAR label.

Bosch saves money, energy, and natural resources

EcoSense® Saves Money, Energy and Natural Resources

Bosch’s exclusive EcoSense® technology measures soil levels throughout each cycle to precisely adjust water and heat, reducing energy usage without sacrificing performance. Once the appropriate water level and temperature are determined, the water is channeled through tight coils in a confined flow-through water heater, instantly and efficiently heating every drop.

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