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Explore the Science of Quiet

Being the quietest dishwasher brand1 in the U.S. means optimizing every part.

  • Layers of insulation

    Multiple layers of sound-absorbing insulation dampen noise.

  • EcoSilence™ Motor System

    Frictionless, brushless motors contain motion and reduce noise by 25%.3

  • Triple filtration system

    Grindless system filters out food particles, so there’s no need for a loud internal food disposal.

  • Detergent tray

    Optimized for tablets, this tray holds detergent in place for a dedicated spray jet to directly dissolve tablet and minimize spraying the door. (Note: dishwasher also works with powder and gel tablets.)

  • Spray arms

    Spray arms project water towards your dishes, reducing noise.

  • Solid molded base

    The base absorbs sound while minimizing vibration.

  • InfoLight®

    So quiet, you might not know its on. This light lets you know.


    This light shows that a cycle is running and counts down until your wash cycle is complete.3

Every Decibel Matters

The higher the decibels, the louder the sound. A three-decibel increase
is the sound power equivalent of running two dishwashers at once.

What is a decibel?

A decibel is a unit that measures the sound power level.

Dishwashers Decibel Levels

Understanding Decibels

Experience the difference between a Bosch dishwasher
and these familiar sounds.

Click below to hear the difference.

  • 1. Based on an average of sound ratings in major brands' websites. Major brands defined as Traqline Top 10 Brands. December 2012.
  • 2. Compared to the brushed universal motors used in previous lineups.
  • 3. Varies by model.
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