Our history

New Bosch built-in series appliances:
Now, with the new series of Bosch built-in appliances cookingbecomes your favorite hobby. Your kitchen gets absolutely new look with outstanding new design and superior technologies.

Home Professional series:
This series is a combination of elegant design and supreme technologies: Bosch washing machine with I-dos technology and 8 kg dryer – both presented in same elegant design.

I-dos washing machines:
Using Bosch washing machines with I-dos technology you load detergent only once and then machine weighs the laundry loaded into the machine, determines types of stains and degree of dirt, type of fabrics and uses only as much detergent as necessary for this certain load of laundry automatically.

Bosch gets ‘Innovation Prize for Climate and Environment’:
Zeolithe technology used in Bosch dishwashing machines absorbs humidity and turns it into heat for drying cycle, providing a faster and much more energy efficient drying process. Zeolithe technology was awarded with ‘Innovation Prize for Climate and Environment’ (IKU).

HydroFresh Fridge Technology:
HydroFresh technology and ChillerSafe box in Bosch refrigerators keep fruits and vegetables fresh two times longer.

Era of silence in washing machines:
Thanks to new Ecosilence Drive motor and AntiVibration design of side walls of washing machines Bosch now produces appliances that work with ‘whisper’ noise level.

Active Water Technology in Dishwashing:
Bosch Active Water technology turns the power of just one water drop into the power of 400 drops thus making the washing of 13 sets just with 7 liters of water possible!

IC5 series built-in appliances:
Bosch presents IC5 series of built-in appliances with revolutionary design. Kitchens meet elegant and super technological Bosch built-in appliances.


Dryers with Active Air technology:
Bosch Ecologixx 7S A series dryers are 50% more energy efficient than appliances with A Class thanks to Air Technology, and therefore are world’s most efficient dryers.


Dryers with glass doors:
Bosch launches first dryer with glass doors on the market.


3rd drawer in dishwashing machines:
A 3rd drawer takes its place in Bosch dishwashing machines. This drawer helps to have cleaner forks, knives and spoons and as well as to protect them from scratching.


Bottom Freezer fridge:
Bosch turned the world of fridges upside down: now the less used section of the fridge – freezer – is in the lower part and the frequently used fridge section is right in front of you, thus you don’t have to bend in front of your fridge any more.


Side By Side Fridges:
These fridges are very flexible: you can use them as one part or as two separate ones – up to you.


Induction hobs:
Bosch presents new induction hobs which provide heat not all around the hob but only in the zone right under the pot. Therefore these built-in hobs are faster and energy saving.


Logixx 8series washing machines weigh the laundry and recommend the required amount of detergent.


Maxx 7 series washing machines:
World’s first super short 15 minute washing program from Bosch: washing machines with this program decrease washing time to a record 15 minutes!


Logixx 9 New Dimension:
Bosch, 9 kg capacity washing machine makes laundry days shorter and wins Reddot award.


Bosch makes a revolution in home appliances: New antibacterial inner walls made from natural silver-based material guarantee the best hygiene in the kitchen.


One more step for environment preservation: first 6 kg capacity Bosch washing machine. This machine gives a chance to wash much more laundry at once and at the same time helps to save more energy.


A ‘first in the world’ from Bosch: smart heat-control technology hobs – even the best chefs envy their ‘talents’. An infra red sensor in the cooking zone of ceramic glass hobs measures the exact temperature in the pot. Therefore it makes the cooking process more accurate and fully automatic... Something that no chef can do!


A good design never goes out of fashion: Bosch launches fridges of 50’s on the market once again.


In 90’s environmental issues become more and more actual, ozone holes worry more and more people in the world. Bosch comes up with eco-friendly technologies long before that.  In 1988 the usage of CFC in fridges production at Giengen factory is cut by half and in 1993 the usage of CFC and HFC is completely stopped and now Bosch fridges are produced without CFC and HFC.


New era in refrigeration starts: 0°C-Chiller box – with freshness preservation technology now nutrients stay fresh 2 times longer.


A short dialogue with a machine?
Bosch makes this possible:

First fully automatic washing machines with electronic dialog system and detergent-saving appliances enter the market.


Induction hobs:
Bosch presents new induction hobs which provide heat not all

In the 80’s expectations from home appliances grow; in the following 10 years Bosch launches a number of innovations on the market. In 1985 Bosch dishwashers can clean and dry the dishes in a much safer way.


A year when Bosch presents first microwave.


In 1970’s the concept of the family changes: housewives start working and therefore cannot spend as much time on housework as they used to. First non-stop working fully automatic washer-dryer is invented exactly at that time.

Time when dishwashing by hands was ‘a-high-effort-and-time-consuming’ process is now long in the history.
First Bosch dishwashing machines conquer their place in houses.

60’s become the period when a lot is done for housewives.
Thanks to first Bosch automatic washing machines now they can spend
more time with their families.

Bosch gets great success with the first washing machine...

First Bosch freezer is another innovation that will make housewives’ life easier.
It’s launched right after food processors with a slogan: ‘always as fresh as if just picked from the garden’.

Food processor becomes the №1 helper in the kitchen.

Perfect timing...
Just when the era of food shortage is over
Bosch presents new food processor to housewives.

Bosch classic type fridges are launched on the market.

First steps taken for the invention of roller type washing machine.

Box shaped fridges enter houses very fast,
at that time a so-called ‘cooling machine’ took its place almost in every house.

3 years later wide box shaped fridge replaces the cylindrical one.

“Can a circle beat a square?”
Designers of first Bosch fridge claim so, and present the first cylindrical 80 kg fridge
at Leipzig exhibition in spring.

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