Kettles and Toasters

Making a delicious breakfast has never been so quick and easy

Making a delicious breakfast has never been so quick and easy.

The best start to the day is a breakfast made with our coffee machines, toasters and kettles.

Toasters from Bosch: Enjoy every slice

Toasters from Bosch:enjoy every slice.

The innovative technology of our toasters makes sure your toast is always evenly done, just the way you want it.

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Contact grills from Bosch: Do your grilling right at the table

Contact grills from Bosch: do your grilling right at the table.

With our contact grills, you can prepare delicious sandwiches and grilled dishes both indoors and outdoors.

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Kettles from Bosch: Always get hot water quickly

Kettles from Bosch: always get hot water quickly.

Great design, quality materials. With our kettles you can easily heat water for tea to different temperature levels or just keep it warm.

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Hot water dispensers from Bosch: Hot water at the touch of a button

Hot water dispensers from Bosch: hot water at the touch of a button.

Our Filtrino hot water dispenser provides water in five volume levels between 120 ml and 300 ml. It also has five temperature settings, from room temperature to boiling, which is important for flavour when brewing tea.

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Tea makers from Bosch: for brewing particularly aromatic tea

Tea makers from Bosch: for brewing particularly aromatic tea.

Our tea makers combine two functions in one appliance. The lower part can also be used as a kettle and it keeps the upper part, the tea pot, warm at the same time.

To the tea makers

Bosch breakfast helper

It's easy to enjoy a great breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should be your time for yourself. Our automatic coffee machines and filter coffee machines meet every coffee desire. Hot water for aromatic tea is served to you by our Bosch kettles. Our toasters will even thaw out rolls.

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