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Bosch Series 8 PerfectRoast - TVC


When the big boss is coming over for dinner and it’s your turn to do the roasting, you can count on the Bosch Series 8 oven and its unique PerfectRoast feature to get you through the ordeal unscathed. The unique 3-point meat probe automatically regulates the cooking process, leading to perfect results every time. #CookLikeaBosch

Bosch Series 8 oven + Food Processor TVC


Achieve perfect roasting and baking results. For a limited time, Get the Bosch Food Processor FREE when you buy the Series 8 Oven from your favourite retailer!

Bosch Series 8 Assist - First Date - TVC


When you need to impress a promising first date, know that you can always turn to your trusty Bosch Series 8 oven and its handy Assist feature. Offering over 100 meal-specific pre-programmed temperature and timing settings, you can expect perfect results every time. At the very least, the meal will be a 10/10!