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The day my life changed

I absolutely LOVE my Bosch Dishwasher!

Bosch Dishwasher

I absolutely LOVE my Bosch Dishwasher!

Love it!

Love my new fridge freezer! It does all that it promises to with the perfect features for a fussy old man like me!

Excellent dishwasher

Hi there and Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help others choose an awesome dishwasher that actually washes dishes clean. I love my bosh dishwasher because I can load it to the maximum and it still washes well. Even if dishes overlap quite a bit!!! Definitely recommend bosh for dishwashers. All my friends that have bosh dishwashers are happy with them too. I’ve only heard of one going in for a fix after about 10 years

Great value

Great value for money, works just as awesome as digital machines,washes,dries and sterilize my babies bottles Washes stainless pots and they come out shining,yeepeee Easy to operate and low noise My Fantastic botch,I love it


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