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free washing tablets

when i bought this machine i was supposed to receive the free washing tablets. these have not been received


I am absolutely delighted with this state of the art product The features and design are impeccable I have only used the appliance once since purchasing but am overwhelmed with the results achieved and am excited to use it again and moving forward An excellent and impressive product Regards A J Joffe Delighted purchaser

Best appliance ever

I have been washing dish's for years and eventually decided to get a dishwasher. So we got this one and it has changed my life. Dishes is now just a matter of sorting them in the dishwasher and leaving it to do its thing. What took hours to clean in the kitchen is now no longer a problem. I would recommended that every household should have one. What an investment

Silence is golden

Absolutely lovely, low noise and cleans properly

Lover for my Blender

Love the way it makes my kitchen look posh. I used it thrice... Once to chop my onions, it chopped well but can't add to much onions at once and had to toss it around, the juicer made milkshake worked nice and hubby used this morning the chopper to make my sugar fine and it came out perfect. Overall it's a good buy... I just hope it doesn't break quick like other appliances


Machine when washing, extremely silent - very good!


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