The Food Processor

When it comes to food preparation, there are several appliances that can make your life easier. Technology has made things easier for us. Saving time and making food preparation and easy task. The food processor has come to being the most versatile, most innovative way of preparing food, making our kitchen lives easier, as we easily make our food within a short span of time.

Introducing the Bosch Food Processor. From pureeing sources and soups to making homemade bread crumbs and your own frosting at home, the food processor, with its many functions grants you the opportunity to a non-forgettable culinary experience, in your own kitchen. This is what you can expect from the Bosch Food Processor.

1. Excellent Results:
With up to 1250 watts optimal power that handles touch tasks and large volumes. The food processor has variable speeds with LED display, with an additional pulse function that slows down the crushing process between intervals. Perfect, immaculate results are delivered.

2. What the food processor can do for you
From making homemade mayonnaise to making dough, mixing up a power juice to dips and spreads. All these daunting tasks can now be executed with one piece of appliance. The food processor is multifunctional, it chops, shreds, slices, purees and so much more… with the right amount of consistency and perfect results.

3. Wide range of accessories – Endless Possibilities
Supercut blade for consistent chopping results, Stainless steel discs, reversible slicing and grating, French fries disc for that perfect cut, plastic dough tool for easy stirring, stainless steel whisks for ice-cream, an impressively large mixing bowl that offers sufficient space for your creative ideas.Thanks to the Bosch food processor, preparing a restaurant-inspired dish no longer needs a chef’s stamp of approval.