Combination of the Series8 oven and the Food Processor

There’s nothing more rewarding than having made that perfect royalty cake or earning the rights of making a perfectly roasted stuffed chicken, maybe that beautifully plated, French-inspired meal the chef in you just simply cannot resist. However, preparing these can be a thrill at best and downright frightening at worst, especially when you have no one assisting you.

Technology and innovation have brought together, not only one but 2 appliances that will make your culinary dreams a reality. Introducing the Bosch Series 8 Oven and The Food Processor. From must- try African dishes, to authentic Asian cuisines, to perfectly baked delicacies – the combination of these two promises to assist you on your culinary adventure, every step of the way.

Behold, The Power Couple

One is best at saving you time and giving you perfect results, from roasting to baking – the other helps you chop, shred, whisk and crush your creations to utter precision. Get ready to be inspired.

Asian Inspired Cuisines

With the continuous shredder on the food processor, shred vegetables and pair them with that perfectly roasted pulled pork. The PerfectRoast feature in your oven will ensure perfect results while saving you time to set up that Hollywood glam inspired themed dinner table.

Elaborate Royalty cakes

Whether a professional or amateur chef, baking decadent, elaborate royalty cakes can be a long-winded, daunting task. Thanks to the PerfectBake feature in the Bosch series 8 ovens, paired with the impressively large mixing bowl that offers easy mixing, this power couple promises to take your culinary skills to the next level.

The Bosch Series 8 oven and the Food processor will bring out the foodie in you. Saving you time and easing up your food preparation attempts. What better way to bring out the chef in you.