Bosch SMS58 Dishwasher and Finish

Purchase the Bosch SMS58N88ZA or Bosch SMS58LO18ZA dishwashing machine at your nearest retailer and save R1500. Additionally when you purchase the dishwasher you will receive a voucher for Finish detergent to ensure optimal machine running and sparkling washing results.

The Bosch SMS58 range of dishwashers are highly efficient cleaning machines and come with an A++ energy rating, making them kinder on the environment and on your electricity bills. This extra efficiency comes from the optimised motors developed by Bosch. Apart from being super efficient, these motors are also super silent, producing only 44 decibels of noise.

Another feature designed with consumers in mind is HygienePlus. HygienePlus gives you the most hygienic clean by increasing the water temperature by up to 70% for ultimate bacteria elimination. It’s especially useful for households with small children or people who suffer from allergies. If you need to get your dishes done quicker, enable varioSpeed to increase the rinsing speed up to 3 times while still giving the shining clean results you would expect from Bosch.

Finish was established in 1953 and has been producing detergents specifically for automatic dishwashers ever since. They were the first to produce biological washing powder in 1969 and pioneered the dual layer detergent tablet as well as their famous red Powerball in the 1990s. Finish has been at the forefront of dishwashing detergents for over 60 years and is the number one brand recommended by manufacturers worldwide.Bosch recommends Finish detergents to be used in all their dishwashing machines. When you purchase either the Bosch SMS58N88ZA or Bosch SMS58LO18ZA you will receive a voucher for discounted Finish products so that you can know how well Bosch and Finish work together.