Assist – Function

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Have you been feeling slightly uneasy in terms of exploring new and exciting recipes in the kitchen? Is it difficult to find inspiration when it comes to deciding what’s for dinner? Perhaps you are worried that you don’t have the culinary skills necessary in order to pull off certain dishes? Fear not – the Bosch Series 8 oven, and its amazing Assist function, is here to change it all.

The Bosch Assist function has been carefully designed to provide you with more freedom in the kitchen, especially when it comes to trying something new – and making a success of the new venture, regardless of the circumstances, every single time.

At this point, you’re likely to have a few questions, and Bosch is more than happy to answer them for you…

How do I make use of the Assist function?

You can explore the Assist function in its entirety by using your oven’s TFT display. Simply scroll through the different options the next time you are looking for fresh inspiration.

Once you have decided what it is that you wish to cook, and have prepared the dish, you can simply slot it into the oven, select the correct program and the oven will implement its pre-programmed settings (temperature, timings etc.) in order to ensure that your dish is cooked to perfection. Not only that, but the oven’s PerfectBake and PerfectRoast features will also enable the oven to constantly monitor the cooking progress of your dish, adjusting the temperature and timings as necessary in order to achieve that much-anticipated perfect result.

What can I make using the Assist function?

There are well over 100 different options when it comes to Assist – you can make vegetarian dishes (stuffed roasted peppers, for example), meat lovers’ dishes (roast lamb, chicken and more), along with yummy baked treats (from cakes to cookies). The question is, what do you feel like eating?

Do I have to wait in the kitchen whilst my meal is in the oven?

No. As already mentioned, the oven will constantly monitor the progress of your meal, adjusting its settings to accommodate the rate at which it is cooking. This means that you don’t have to do much at all – simply listen out for the audible signal and remove your meal when you hear it. Mouth-watering perfection is guaranteed.