Assist - Ease

Estimated Reading Time: 2 Minutes 20 Seconds

With the Assist function, the Bosch Series 8 oven presents you with a number of opportunities to expand your culinary horizons. Assist has been designed to provide the home chef with a large variety of pre-programmed cooking, roasting and baking settings (including the perfect temperature and timings) for countless dishes ranging from meat lovers’ masterpieces to vegetarian delights, and everything in between.

The question is, how exactly does the Assist function work? And is it easy to use? Here’s a step by step guide to ensure the ultimate in user-friendliness and effortless, perfect results every time.

STEP 1: Use the TFT display to find inspiration in terms of what to make. Pre-programmed settings for a wide range of dishes will be there – you just have to choose one that appeals to you the most in that particular moment.

STEP 2: Gather all of the ingredients that you need and prepare your meal.

STEP 3: When it is time to slot everything into the oven, simply return to your TFT display and select the relevant program relating to the meal that you wish to cook.

STEP 4: Close the oven and press ‘Start’.

STEP 5: Thanks to the pre-programmed temperature and timing settings, your oven will take it from there.

STEP 6: Go about your usual routine and listen out for your oven’s audible signal, notifying you that your meal is ready – and cooked to perfection.

STEP 7: Remove from the oven and serve.

As you can see, using the Bosch Assist function is easy – regardless of the extent of your skills in the kitchen… and it isn’t the only Bosch Series 8 oven feature that is simple to use.