4D Hot Air – Ease

Estimated Reading Time: 2 Minutes 20 Seconds

If you are a fan of baking delicious mini treats, such as cookies, cupcakes and muffins, you will be well aware of the effort that it usually takes to ensure that each and every one of those mini treats comes out of the oven baked to perfection. This is where the Bosch Series 8 oven, and its 4D Hot Air feature, comes in…

4D Hot Air makes it possible for you to bake delicious treats perfectly on up to 4 levels. The feature has been designed to ensure that there is always an even distribution of heat throughout the interior of the oven, meaning that regardless of whether you place your treats on the bottom rack or on the top rack, or even further back in the oven, they are all guaranteed to bake evenly and to the same level of perfection.

Now that you know how 4D Hot Air is certain to transform the way in which you bake, let’s jump straight into an easy step by step explanation of how to use this unique feature to your advantage when experimenting in the kitchen.

STEP 1: Select the appropriate dish that you are baking using the TFT display, and make use of the pre-programmed settings (temperature and timings) in order to ensure that your delicacies are baked to perfection.

STEP 2: Place your treats inside the oven – as mentioned above, it does not matter which racks onto which you place your baking trays. The 4D Hot Air feature will ensure even heat distribution throughout the interior.

STEP 3: Close the oven door and press ‘Start’.

STEP 4: Go about your usual routine and await your oven’s audible signal, notifying you that your treats are ready to be removed.

STEP 5: Remove your treats from the oven and allow time to cool before serving.

It’s as easy as that!