Cleaning the washer-dryer

How to clean your washer-dryer

How to clean your washer-dryer

Would you like to keep your appliance in good working order and are wondering how to clean it? When it comes to cleaning your washer-dryer, you should pay attention to several parts.

Please clean the dust filter after each use. Simply take it out of the appliance and remove the dust (e.g. by rinsing and leaving to dry). You can then place it back in the machine (watch the video).

You can also easily clean your washer-dryer’s condenser box yourself. Carefully remove it from the appliance. Make sure that no warm water slops out and carefully pour out the water into the sink. Please do not reuse it, as it contains too many chemical substances. Your washer-dryer has now been cleaned.

You can also find a video on washer-dryer cleaning here.

As you can see, cleaning your washer-dryer doesn’t have to be difficult. But you should leave the job of cleaning your washer-dryer’s condenser to the professionals at Bosch Home Appliances.

You can call our Bosch customer service team for large appliances on TELEPHONE NUMBER (24 hours a day, seven days a week) or schedule a convenient appointment online to have your washer-dryer’s condenser cleaned.

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