Additional Information

Technical Specifications
  • 800 Plus and SGE63E Only
  • Dishwasher Accessory Kit with Extra Tall Item Sprinkler, Vase/Bottle Holder, 3 Plastic Item Clips and Small Item Basket
  • Large/Tall Item Spray Head (part number 612114) - This attaches to the back wall of the dishwasher. Effectively cleans large items, such as baking trays.
  • Vase/Bottle Holder (part number 613051) - Attaches to the lower rack. Holds tall vases/bottles in place for a thorough cleaning.
  • Small Item Clips (part number 613052) - Includes 3 clips. Attaches to the upper rack. Used to hold small items securely for a trouble-free wash.
  • Small Cutlery Basket (part number 646196) - Used on the upper rack to hold additional cutlery.
Technical Specifications
Technical data
Name of product image MCSA025268_SZ72031_def.jpg
Construction type Built-in
Height of the packed product (mm) 195 mm
Product name / series name product line suplement dishwasher
Depth of the packed product (mm) 245 mm
EAN code 4,242,002,475,486
Gross weight (kg) 0.32 kg
Product group Dishwasher
UPC code 825225876212
EAN Barcode '!2E20AC-ehfeig!
Standard number of units per pallet 72
Internal article number 000000000000468164
Net weight (kg) 0.12 kg
Width of the packed product (mm) 145 mm
Brand Bosch
Product group for which the accessory is available Dishwasher
Product packaging dimensions (HxWxD) (mm) 195 x 145 x 245 mm
Other data
EAN Barcode '!2E20AC-ehfeig!
Standard number of units per pallet 72
Country of origin DE
Product packaging dimensions (HxWxD) (mm) 195 x 145 x 245 mm
Statistical number 84229090


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