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Find your perfect water filter replacement.

Find the perfect Bosch water filter replacement cartridge for your refrigerator in one easy step. All you need is your refrigerator model number to find your perfect water filter match.

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Ultra Clarity Filter

Refreshing and pure. Glass after glass.

The Bosch UltraClarity® water filter reduces sediments and chlorine for better tasting ice and water – straight from your fridge.

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Bosch Approved

Drink cleaner water with Bosch approved water filters.

Using a Bosch approved water filter ensures optimal performance with your Bosch refrigerator.

Counterfeit water filters are becoming increasingly more prevalent online, and may not offer the same level of filtration as Bosch approved water filters. Counterfeit filters can potentially damage your Bosch refrigerator, and may not filter out many of the contaminants that the Bosch approved water filters remove.

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Water Filter Replacement

Replace your water filter every 6 months.

To ensure cleaner, better tasting ice and water, replace your UltraClarity® water filter every 6 months.

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NSF Logo

Certified performance.

Bosch UltraClarity® water filters are tested and certified by NSF International,* a global independent organization that writes standards and protocols, and tests and certifies products for the food, water and consumer goods industries to minimize adverse health effects and protect the environment.

*UltraClarity® water filters are manufactured by 3M Purification Inc.

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