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The perfect doubles match: performance and hygiene



TempOK: easy selection of the desired temperature.

When being ironed, some fabrics require more heat and some require less. That's not a problem. TempOK is an indicator that reliably tells you when the desired temperature has been reached. The display will flash while the appliance is still heating up or cooling down, until it reaches the choosen temperature. Although you can still iron, you have not yet attained the right temperature level. As soon as the selected temperature setting is reached, the display will light up continuously.

PermanentRefill: always ready for use.

With PermanentRefill, you can iron non-stop. This is because the steam station remains ready for use even if you have to fill the water tank.

Calc’nClean Perfect. Doubly effective for lasting performance.

This cleaning program removes limescale and particles of dirt from the iron and rinses it out to prevent damage to the appliance. A limescale collector in the steam station's water tank collects all the limescale that forms in the tank. The practical Calc’nClean Timer function reminds you when the next cleaning operation is due.


The innovative HygienicSteam Technology ensures optimum hygiene in laundry care. The special hygiene program eliminates 99.9% of bacteria without additional additives and is gentle to laundry in the process. This special steam technology causes less humidity to occur in the fabrics which kills the bacteria.


Outstanding results for all fabrics. With the VarioComfort system, the steam and temperature for each individual ironing program are so well coordinated with each other that your laundry will be ironed smoothly and safely in no time at all. Simply select the desired program and you can start ironing stress-free.

Removable water tank

The removable water tank allows easy refilling. Simply take the water tank off the steam station, then refill with water and reattach.

Automatic cable rewind

It couldn’t be quicker and more convenient. After ironing, a short pull of the cable makes it disappear smoothly and automatically inside the steam station. This feature improves the safety of ironing with the cable safely stored away.


SecureLock: safety & comfort.

The transportation and storage of steam stations can be difficult. This is not the case with Bosch steam stations with SecureLock: Thanks to a convenient attachment, the steam station is always safely fixed to the ironing board and the iron cannot fall down. In addition, the steam station can be conveniently and safely transported and stored on the handle of the iron. Nothing can wobble, fall or tip over!

Secure: double smart.

At Bosch, the safety of our appliances is extremely important. The Secure feature ensures safety and saves energy as the steam station switches off when it is not been in use for 8 minutes. The feature ensures convenience and safety to give worry-free ironing.


eco button: every cost-saving measure counts.

Thanks to energy-saving steam settings, save up to 35% on water and 25% on energy. Do something good for your power bill, for the environment and for your green conscience.

eco button: every cost-saving measure counts.

Thanks to energy-saving steam settings, save up to 25% on energy and 35% on water. Do something good for your power bill, for the environment and for your green conscience.

AdvancedSteam System: steam for professionals.

Leave nothing to chance when it comes to ironing. You can rely on our innovative AdvancedSteam System with an optimal and powerful steam output rate. It allows a targeted distribution of the steam over the fabric and deeper penetration into the fabric. How? Using a refined system and the interaction of steam channels, outlet wholes and guides. This targeted steam makes ironing easier and also brings you to your goal faster: a pile of ironed laundry.

2400 watts

A good prerequisite for rapid heating of both steam stations and steam irons is between 2400 and 2500 watts of power.

Calc'n'Clean Pro

With Bosch’s innovative soleplate, you can glide your iron effortlessly over your laundry both quickly and easily. The steam channels are arranged on the innovative 3-phase soleplate to ensure perfect results everytime. As the high-quality soleplate is scratch resistant, your appliance can be used again and again.

High steam pressure for fast ironing

High pressure is essential when it comes to steam ironing. The higher the pressure, the better the performance. Bosch irons deliver the benefit of high performance and the best ironing quality for smooth laundry in no time.

High wattage for real power

With a high wattage, your appliance heats up quickly and gives you a performance that ensures excellent ironing results. Within no time, you have the full capacity and performance of the appliance to combat stubborn creases.

Ultimate PulseSteam removes stubborn creases

Combat unrelenting creases in thick fabrics with strong steam shots that delve deep into their fabric structure. Harness the extreme power of deep steam for your laundry with Ultimate PulseSteam, giving you excellent ironing results.

Eco-button: Every cost-saving measure counts.

Thanks to the energy-saving steam setting, you can save up to 25% on energy and 35% on water.

Green Technology

Green Technology from Bosch stands for sustainability and transparency, particularly in dealing with resources and energy. We follow this principle strictly in all areas, from environmentally friendly production methods to research into new energy-saving technologies.

Technical Specifications

  • Steam Pressure: 7.5 bar with security system
  • 550 g: Deep steam through 3 intensive steam boosts up to 550 g
  • Continuous steam 120 g/min
  • Power: 2400 W
  • CeraniumGlissée Pro soleplate: best gliding and highest scratch resistance
  • Heat up time approx. 2 mins
  • "eco"-button:energy savings up to 25 % and water saving up to 35 %
  • Integrated automatic cord winder: stores safely whole power cord inside the station. No need to manage tangled cable manually
  • hygiene Programm: a special combination of temperature, steam pressure and intermittent steam removes up to 99.99% of bacteria from all materials suitable for ironing.
  • VarioComfort: Perfectly coordinated ironing programs for outstanding results - easy and intuitive to use
  • : the perfect combination of temperature and steam for all ironable fabrics
  • Calc’nClean Perfect: A highly efficient cleaning system - the first for both steam station and iron
  • Calc'nClean Timer: reminiscent of the cleaning
  • Large permanent refillable detachable watertank: 1.8 l
  • Vertical steam for refreshing fabrics
  • "Water tank empty" and "steam ready" indicators
  • SecureLock System:The iron is fixed on the steam station for more safety during transport and storage
  • "Secure" auto shut-off: for more security, automatically switch off when iron is left unattended
Technical Specifications
Brand Bosch
Product name / Commercial code TDS8080
EAN code 4,242,005,032,310
Construction type
Tank design Removable
Size and weight
Dimensions of the product (mm) 300 x 240 x 430 mm
Net weight (kg) 5.3 kg
i-Temp Advanced
All Textile
Descaling method Calc'n clean timer, Calc’nClean Perfekt, De-scale sponge
SecureLock System
Technical details
Connection rating (W) 2,400 W
Power of boiler (W) 1,500 W
Voltage (V) 220-240 V

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