Máquinas multibebidas TASSIMO

Máquinas multibebidas TASSIMO

TASSIMO – discover a new flavour in every cup.

With the TASSIMO hot drinks machines, you can try something different every day – from filter coffee and latte macchiato to tea and espresso, and all at the touch of a button! Www.tassimo.com

TASSIMO CADDY: Delicious options, perfectly organised

TASSIMO CADDY: Delicious options, perfectly organised.

The right capsule in the right place: With the new TASSIMO CADDY, coffee, tea and espresso are always to hand, right next to the capsule machine. The integrated capsule holders can even be easily extended according to your personal needs.


TASSIMO SUNY: So fast, so much variety, so delicious

TASSIMO SUNY: So fast, so much variety, so delicious!

The TASSIMO SUNY is incredibly easy to use. Thanks to SmartStart, all you need to do is press the cup against the front surface to start the brewing process. For a relaxed start to the day.


TASSIMO VIVY: Small on space, big on fun

TASSIMO VIVY: pequeña en tamaño, pero grande en diversión.

TASSIMO VIVY is perfect for those who don't have a lot of space. It is small and compact, but a big player when it comes to effortlessly making your favourite drink.

Modelos Tassimo VIVY

TASSIMO JOY: Something for the whole family to enjoy

TASSIMO JOY: Something for the whole family to enjoy.

TASSIMO JOY is great for adults and kids. It can be used with any cup size thanks to its height adjustable cup stand. The large water tank means that you can enjoy lots of drinks with the whole family.


INTELLIBREW T disc system – perfect taste every time

INTELLIBREW T DISC system – perfect taste every time.

T DISCs are patented capsules specifically designed for TASSIMO. Each T DISC has a barcode which can be read by any TASSIMO hot drinks machine and which provides precise information about the water quantity, brewing time and temperature required to make your favourite drink.


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