Zoo’o ProAnimal con bolsa

Tough on hair

The Bosch Zoo’o ProAnimal vacuum cleaner with bag, which has been specially designed to cater for the needs of pet owners, thoroughly removes animal hairs from all surfaces. Thanks to the PowerProtect dust bag, you get a perfect result: it not only ensures that your Bosch vacuum cleaner provides thorough cleaning, but also keeps dust sealed inside, making life with your furry friends even easier.

Zoo’o ProAnimal models
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For pet lovers: 30% faster cleaning*. No cable.

For pet lovers: 30% faster cleaning*. No cable.

The ProAnimal turbo brush specially optimised for carpets and the powerful motor will remove animal hairs quickly and efficiently. The 360™ nozzle set, comprising a Zoo'o ProAnimal turbo nozzle, hard floor nozzle and upholstery nozzle, make vacuuming significantly easier and more effective.

*Fibre pick-up on carpet according to IEC 60312-1:2011-11 in comparison to a Bosch BGL3C235 cylinder vacuum cleaner with turbo brush.

With bionic filter. Perfect for allergy sufferers.

All that leaves the washable high-performance filter is hygienic, clean air. It eliminates odours the natural way.

The new PowerProtect dust bag.

Get the best out of your vacuum cleaner: The new PowerProtect dust bag ensures strong suction power when the bag fills up, including with low-wattage appliances. It filters out 99.9% of fine particles, as well as efficiently protecting your vacuum cleaner's motor.

15 m operating radius

15 m operating radius

The extra-long cord with a sensational 15 m operating radius minimises the bother of changing power sockets.

Zoo’o ProAnimal bagless vacuum cleaner

Zoo’o ProAnimal bagless vacuum cleaner

No bag, so no follow-up costs. Incredibly powerful and quiet with little maintenance required thanks to SensorBagless™ Technology.

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Zoo’o ProAnimal cordless handheld vacuum

Aspiradora de mano inalámbrica Zoo’o ProAnimal

Vacuum cordlessly more flexibly than ever before, without compromising on performance. Bosch lithium-ion batteries ensure especially long running times.

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