Relaxx’x ProSilence

Relaxx'x ProSilence 66: unbelievably quiet. Incredibly powerful. Thanks to the latest SilenceSound System™.

With its newly developed SilentClean premium floor nozzle and the latest SilenceSound System™, the Bosch Relaxx’x ProSilence 66 combines impressive cleaning power with a pleasantly low operating noise. All the components of the RobustAir™ System, which enables thorough cleaning performance, have been harmonised to perfection here.

Relaxx'x ProSilence 66 models
Sound controlled motor: minimal motor vibrations

Sound controlled motor: minimal motor vibrations

The special motor suspension in the Relaxx’x ProSilence 66 vacuum cleaner ensures that considerably less motor noise escapes.

Innovative SilentClean premium nozzle: perfect cleaning results

Innovative SilentClean premium nozzle: perfect cleaning results

A double joint ensures permanent contact with the floor, as well as thorough dust retention and impressive results on any floor. The SilentClean premium nozzle - one of the quietest floor nozzles on the market.

Silent airflow with sound reducer: reduced air noise

Silent airflow with sound reducer: reduced air noise

The aerodynamic airflow of the Relaxx'x and the multi-layer design of the appliance cover provide a lasting reduction in air noise from the vacuum cleaner.

Intelligent self-cleaning with SensorControl

Intelligent self-cleaning with SensorControl

The intelligent self-cleaning system is fully automatic, ensuring that you get the optimum performance level from your Relaxx'x for many years.

No follow-up costs

In bagless vacuum cleaners, centrifugal forces separate the dirt from the air flow in a separator before it is fed into a dust container that can be emptied. The advantage: Annoying follow-up costs for filter bags are no longer an issue and the dust container can be emptied as often as required.

High-tech filter materials

High-tech filter materials

The Relaxx'x ProSilence 66 scores points with its high-filter materials; These last for the entire life of the appliance and can be easily cleaned with water as necessary.

RobustAir™ System: top cleaning performance

RobustAir™ System: top cleaning performance

The secret behind the deep cleaning performance of the Relaxx’x is the RobustAir™ System from Bosch. All the components that determine the level of performance of the bagless vacuum cleaner system have been harmonised to perfection.

QuattroPower System

QuattroPower System

The QuattroPower System is the high-performance system from Bosch - producing first-class cleaning results with a low power consumption. Behind this super-efficient system stands the unique combination of HiSpin motor, high-performance nozzle, optimised seals and an efficient dust separation system.

Our models

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The Runn'n

The Runn’n

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The Roxx’x

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The Easyy’y

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