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Bought recently and very happy with the way it works. Happy with how quiet it is.


i bought this washing machine last week , after my samsung washing machine stopped working. i found this very smart piece with lot of extra features like easy iron, minimal/no noise(only noise i heard was of water filling the drum), a night wash option too( with no sound),easy for multiple stain removal option (did not know one machine had so many options), temperature control, electricity saving etc etc

Very happy

I had great customer service from Bosch and we are very happy with our new cooker. Very easy to use and looks great.

Easy to use and less noice

got the right machine, fulfills my need of washing cloths

Good Features & Multiple cycles configurations

Used it for last 6+ months. Good and silent.

So far so good

Just purchased, machine came without the "spray head", shame on you! Dishwasher is working fine.