Remember the fun, forget the stains.

The new Pre-Treatment feature with Pre-Soaking and Pre-Wash functions in Bosch Washing Machines provides perfect results in removing stubborn stains with minimum effort, saving you more time to spend with your loved ones.

Power From Tradition: New Water Soaking Technology

Sometimes we want to take advantage of our traditions to get rid of stubborn stains. You can choose to keep your laundry in water without throwing it into your machine in order to remove difficult stains. The Pre-Treatment Option of your Bosch washing machine now does this for you. Watch our video to know more about the feature.

The Most Automatic Way To Get Rid Of Stains: Stain Removal Option

With its automatic stain removal option, it allows you to easily remove 4 different stains without any Pre-Treatment: It removes blood, tea, cosmetics and oil stains with its special program. Just select the type of stain before starting the washing program. Your machine adjusts the washing temperature, cycle and wetting amount according to the type of stain you choose, and automatically determines how to deal with which stain and ends all the hygiene and cleaning concerns of your family.

9 kg Washing Capacity

Bosch's most preferred washing machines are now with their brand new design. Bosch 9 kg washing capacity washing machines are equipped with superior technology with its wider cover and bigger screen that makes it easier to use, so that you can place your laundry much more comfortably.

EcoSilence Drive™: Quiet operation and durability that you can rely on.

Extremely energy-efficient and quiet in operation with 10 year motor warranty. Thanks to brushless motor technology, noises caused by friction are a thing of the past. Optimum casing insulation and integrated damping systems that work like shock absorbers on a car ensure extremely low noise. A beneficial side effect: washing machines with EcoSilence Drive™ technology are extremely energy efficient and highly durable.

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