Bosch Fridges and Freezers are engineered to keep food fresh and drinks cold.

These high quality cooling appliances have a variety of food preservation features but are also easy on the eye.

Green Technology

Leading the way in Green Technology

At Bosch we put the utmost effort into finding ways to save the environment as well as saving you money. Energy efficiency is a very serious topic, and we work hard to make our fridge and freezer products some of the most energy efficient performers in the industry.

Green Technology Fridges

Save energy with a Bosch fridge or freezer

Your fridge or freezer is on 24 hours a day,so it is important that it does not waste energy. With the exception of the wine coolers, the range of fridges and freezers have been awarded at least an A in the EU Energy Efficiency rating scheme. Majority of the range is A+ rated and use 20% less energy than equivalent A rated models.

Fresh Food

Longer lasting food is a great benefit for your pocket

Bosch goes to great lengths to save our customers money. Thanks to the advanced technology incorporated into each and every Bosch refrigeration appliance, food stays fresher for longer, giving you more time to enjoy it.

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