When it comes to your washing, only the best is good enough for us.
  • Intelligent i-DOS automatic dosing system: Perfect washing starts with perfect dosing.

    i-DOS automatically measures out just the quantity of liquid detergent and softener you need. Special sensors detect the quantity, fabric type and level of soiling of your laundry and then determine the amount of detergent with absolute precision. That's perfect for your washing, which is gently washed perfectly clean. And it's perfect for the environment: Precise dosing saves up to 7,062 litres of water per year* plus a vast quantity of liquid detergent and electricity. (* Possible savings with an average of 220 washing loads/year, source: wfk, Institute for Applied Research, Study Report 5132/10. Individual results may vary.)

  • The EcoSilence Drive™: Barely audible when washing, barely visible on the electricity bill.

    The EcoSilence DriveTM motor developed by Bosch is extremely powerful and incredibly quiet during operation. In addition, it's amazingly energy-efficient – after all, it's 30% below the threshold value for Energy Efficiency Class A.

  • The SelfCleaning Condenser: Permanently efficient.

    The first innovation that ensures that everything stays as it is: super-efficient. Dryers with our SelfCleaning Condenser are particularly economical, giving maximum energy efficiency for the life of the appliance. Everyone needs this level of efficiency. Our dryers are not only amongst the most efficient in the world – they stay that way too.

  • Washes quickly. Washes economically. Washes when you want.

    With VarioPerfect, you set the pace when it comes to washing. If you happen to be in a hurry, just increase the speed - by up to 65 percent. And if you want to wash even more economically, you can lower the fuel consumption – by up to 50 percent. And you can do it easily every time by pressing a button.The result is the same in any case: perfectly clean washing.

When it comes to your washing, only the best is good enough for us.

Getting better all the time has always been our driving force. When we develop a washing machine, a tumble dryer or a washer dryer, we want more than just clean, dry washing. Our aim: the lowest possible power and water consumption, outstanding reliability and maximum convenience.

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Two options, one result: Perfectly clean washing.

Two options, one result: Perfectly clean washing.

With VarioPerfect, it's all about you and your laundry. If you're in a hurry, you can speed up the washing process by up to 65%. But if you want to wash your laundry economically, you can reduce your energy consumption by up to 50%. And you can do it all just by pressing a button. The result is always the same: perfectly clean washing.

Washing machines
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Say goodbye to line drying.

Say goodbye to line drying.

Intelligent sensors monitor the temperature and residual moisture content throughout the drying process. The result: your clothes are treated with maximum care, whether you select iron, cupboard or extra dry programs.

Tumble dryers
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Tested a thousand times, unique in terms of quality.

Tested a thousand times, unique in terms of quality.

Before a washing machine leaves our factory, we test every tiny detail and subject it to endless stress tests. In addition, they have to wash and dry 16,000 kg of washing – not just any old how, but perfectly. Because only when every one of the 1,000 or so components in our washing machines meets our high standards of function, quality and reliability 100%, is a Bosch appliance ready to face its most important challenge: being used by you at home.


Quieter washing machines

New EcoSilence Drive™ makes the series 6 washing machine VarioPerfect™ the fastest, most effective and energy efficient Bosch washing machine ever.

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Faster washing machines

SpeedPerfect™ gives you the fastest wash option ever. With no compromise on performance it gives you a perfect wash in less than half the time.


Make your laundry greener

View a range energy efficient washing machines, washer dryers and tumble dryers that do not compromise on performance and extremely energy efficient.


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