Hair CarePHS8667

Straightener ProSalon SensorProtection

  • PHS8667
  • PHS8667
  • PHS8667

Sensor Technology: warns against hair damage caused by applying too much pressure

  • Anti Hair Damage: a vibration alarm warns againgst hair damage caused by too much pressure and helps the user to take care of her/his hair.
  • Anti-Static-Effect due to permanant ionisation: The hair can be combed easier and looks more straight and shiny.
  • Anodized heating plates, extra durable, more resistant to mechanical damages and to hair care chemicals
  • Plates with round edges for curls
  • fast heating-up time: 25 s
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Technical specs

  • General Information
    • Wattage: 33 Watt
    • temperature: 100-200 °C
    • Comfort and Safety
      • boost function up to 200°C
      • Short heating-up time: 25 s
      • LCD-Display with temperature indication
      • Key lock avoids unintended adjusting of temperature
      • Automatische Abschaltung: 72 minutes for more safety
      • Accessory: heat-resistant sleeve
      • Design
        • colour: silver, black, red
        • Swivel cord for more mobility

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