Clean dishes

Dishwashing programmes that make your dishes sparkle

A range of different programme options ensure that the wash and rinse cycles are suited to the type and amount of dishes in the dishwasher. The programmes consist of an Intensive Zone for heavily soiled pots and pans as well as a half load option that reduces the programme time and uses 30% less water.

green dishwasher

Dishwashers that look after the environment

Water and electricity rates are at an all time high and the concern of load shedding always looms on our door step. Bosch has engineered the most energy efficient dishwashers so that you can enjoy the convienence of German engineering, while saving the planet and money.

Energy Efficiency

Leading the way in Green Technology

At Bosch we put the utmost effort into finding ways to save the environment as well as saving you money. Energy efficiency is a very serious topic, and we work hard to make our fridge and freezer products some of the most energy efficient performers in the industry.

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