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  • Pyrolysis self-cleaning: Who cleans the oven in our house? The oven.

    The oven cleans itself automatically at the press of a button, which means that tiring, time-consuming cleaning is no longer necessary. To do this, it heats up to max. 480°C and the dirt disintegrates. Leaving you with time to concentrate on what really matters.

  • Hot Air Eco: For lower energy use at full capacity.

    Most amateur cooks prefer to bake at one level. Here, the Hot Air Eco heating method is ideal for the even, precise cooking of cakes and biscuits, flans or meat dishes. Thanks to an intelligent heat flow and extra insulation, you'll never use one watt too many when you're cooking and you'll cut your energy use by up to 30%.

  • You can order the perfect roast in a restaurant. Or from your oven.

    With a Bosch oven, you're not only bringing superb design into the kitchen, you're also adding a whole series of intelligent functions, such as AutoPilot. With its 85 automatic programmes, it automatically relieves you of your work at the press of a button and is guaranteed to produce your dish perfectly. So you have plenty of time to select the right wine.

What does 'Bosch in every detail' mean? That everyday life tastes good.

When we develop cookers or ovens, we measure them by much more than their perfect baking results. We build them from the most stable materials and test their durability in endless stress tests. The yardstick for all our home appliances is you, and your everyday life. Because only if our home appliances make your life easier, day by day, are they truly Bosch in every detail.

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Bosch built-in cookers: Fit in perfectly, bake perfectly.

Bosch built-in cookers: Fit in perfectly, bake perfectly.

Our built-in cookers can be integrated seamlessly into your kitchen. They are built in under the worktop and control the hob above. Choose from an incredibly wide range of models of all different sizes and use the space in your kitchen just as you want.

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A feast for the eyes: A Bosch built-in oven.

A feast for the eyes: A Bosch built-in oven.

Our built-in ovens can be installed independently of the hob, e.g. in a wall cupboard at eye level. That saves you straining your back when you're putting the roast in the oven or want to see whether your cake is ready yet. With a high-level built-in oven, you can always keep an eye on your culinary masterpieces. In the standard 60 cm size, you can choose between a drop-down door and a side opening door for your built-in oven.

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Perfect baking results in a tiny space: Our compact ovens are just 45 cm high.

Perfect baking results in a tiny space: Our compact ovens are just 45 cm high.

Our 45 cm high built-in ovens are the perfect solution for people with small kitchens and big ideas. They are ideal for installation in high cupboards. Our compact built-in ovens provide you with the full range of features. You can choose a model with pyrolysis self-cleaning or even with an integrated microwave.

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A love of cooking and baking starts with the right cooker or oven.

A love of cooking and baking starts with the right cooker or oven.

Whether you prefer a modern kitchen island or a clear line of units – our ovens or cookers will meet all your design requirements. You can install an oven independently of the hob, in a high cupboard, for example. A cooker is the right choice for you if you would like to integrate the hob into the worktop straight above it. Let your imagination run wild – we'll find all the right ingredients to suit your taste.

Model SeriesNo matter which oven or cooker you're looking for. Easy to operate or made to the highest standards of technology and design: With our ovens and cookers in Series 2 to Series 8, you're guaranteed to find the right model.

Serie | 2Serie | 4Serie | 6Serie | 8
Reliable quality at a good price.Designed to make your everyday family life easier.Easy operation and modern technology.Cutting-edge technology and outstanding design.
Built-in ovensBuilt-in ovensCompact appliances
Simply the best result
Timelessly elegant design
Simplified baking and cooking
Easy to handle
Series | 2Series | 4Series | 6
Branded quality at a good price.Reliability for everyday family life.High quality and comfort.
Built-in cookersBuilt-in cookersBuilt-in cookers
High-quality materials
Long-lasting Bosch quality
What is the difference between a cooker, an oven and a compact oven?
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Compact ovens

Compact ovens

Compact ovens with a recess size of 45 cm are ideal for ergonomic installation in a tall cupboard. You can replace an oven with a compact oven, supplement your oven with it or combine both. You can also combine a compact oven with an integrated microwave or with other convenient equipment.

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How would you like to open your oven or cooker?
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Side-opening doors

Side-opening doors

The side-opening door with an opening angle of almost 180° provides safe, convenient access to the oven, especially if it is built in at eye level. You can choose between left-opening and right-opening doors.

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What should I look out for when connecting up a cooker or oven?
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All ovens are ready to plug in, but need a separate fuse. A cooker must be connected directly to the high-voltage current by a qualified electrician.

What should I look out for when connecting up a compact oven?
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With a new compact oven, you should check the dimensional drawing in the product overview. Remember to check the height, depth and width.

What are the combination options for a 60 cm opening?
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In a recess that is 60 cm high, you can combine a 45 cm high compact oven with a 14 cm warming drawer.

What must I take into account when replacing an old cooker?
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Ask your specialist dealer whether the new appliance can be combined with the old hob.

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Perfect results, sophisticated design. Bosch built-in appliances for your dream kitchen.

Perfect results, sophisticated design. Bosch built-in appliances for your dream kitchen.

To make sure your kitchen becomes a real dream kitchen, we offer not only integrated building-in appliances for cooking and baking but also built-in dishwashers plus fridges and freezers. All of our home appliances combine timeless, sophisticated design with superb technical quality and maximum efficiency, durability and convenience.

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