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The new Series 8 built-in appliances with
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A feast for the eyes: a Bosch built-in oven

A feast for the eyes: a Bosch built-in oven

Whether you’re preparing poultry, meat, fish, vegetarian dishes, baked goods or desserts, your favourite dishes are always cooked to perfection – and it couldn’t be easier. Now you have a master chef to help you in the kitchen: your oven.

Built-in ovens
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Bosch extractors.Fresh air in every kitchen.

Bosch extractors.Fresh air in every kitchen.

Whether you want to fry or boil in your kitchen, you can happily leave the steam – and the smells that go with it – to Bosch to deal with. Our large selection of cooker hoods in various sizes and designs will make sure the air is fresh everywhere – from the tiniest kitchenettes to the largest dining kitchens. And they'll always do it amazingly quietly and efficiently.

Cooker hoods
Wall-mounted cooker hoods
Telescopic cooker hoods
Built-under cooker hoods
Canopy cooker hoods
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Sometimes our best ideas end up in a drawer.

Sometimes our best ideas end up in a drawer.

Our warming drawers can do a lot more than just keeping meals and plates warm. They are also perfect for slow-cooking meat, thawing out foods, melting chocolate and proving dough. In addition, they can be built in separately or combined with an oven and thus offer the right solution for every kitchen situation

Warming drawers
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Bosch combination microwave ovens : Perfect for gourmets in a hurry.

Bosch combination microwave ovens : Perfect for gourmets in a hurry.

You can't cook faster than in a microwave. Or thaw, heat up and even bake. And our compact microwave ovens are multi-talented too. In addition to the classic heating methods for baking, they also have an integrated microwave. Which means that one thing is certain: You don't have to sacrifice superb cooking results even if you're in a bit of a hurry sometimes.

Built-in microwaves
Free-standing microwave
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Bosch gas cookers.Instantaneous heat,clean energy and maximum convenience

Bosch gas cookers.Instantaneous heat,clean energy and maximum convenience

In addition to perfect results and absolute convenience, you can also enjoy the flexibility that our free-standing cookers offer. Choose the location that suits you best and the free-standing cooker that you really like: The only thing left for us to do is tell you to have fun cooking. You can be sure of 100% Bosch quality and the unstinting praise of all your guests.

Free-standing gas cookers
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Perfect roast caraway, marjoram – and Bosch.

Perfect roast caraway, marjoram – and Bosch.

To make cooking and baking really easy for you, our engineers give themselves a really hard time when they develop our home appliances. Before a new appliance leaves our factory, they subject every function, right down to the smallest screw, to thousands of stress tests and quality inspections. Only when the results meet our high standards 100% is the appliance ready for its most crucial test: being used in your kitchen.



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  • Meat Probe
    Meat Probe The built-in roast thermometer is perfect for maintaining the right temperature in the food – just insert into the food, connect with the oven and select the required core temperature. In this way, for example, your roasts or fillets will always be perfectly tender using the soft cooking method.
    Meat Probe


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  • Pyrolysis
    Pyrolysis With pyrolysis self-cleaning, tiring, time-consuming cleaning is carried out automatically – without the use of chemical cleaning products. Depending on the degree of soiling, the appliance heats up to max. 480 °C. All that's left is a bit of ash which is easy to remove.
  • LED illumination
    LED illumination The LED illumination consists of 6 power LEDs with a life cycle of 40,000 hours. At 2.7 hours of operation per day that means around 40 years of service. Thanks to their 740 lux, these LEDs are currently amongst the brightest on the market.
    Products with this feature
    LED illumination
  • Pan supports dishwasher-proof Spending ages cleaning the gas hob? From now on, you can take that chore off your list! Bosch gas hobs have lots of benefits, and one of them is easy cleaning. Thanks to smooth, high quality surfaces our pan supports are now dishwasher-proof. We have optimized the surface of the pan supports so that you don’t have to worry about corrosion, cracks or discolouring when cleaning them in the dishwasher.
    Pan supports dishwasher-proof
  • Telescopic rails Bosch telescopic rails make handling baking trays easier, safer and more comfortable. The system consists of a triple full telescopic rail or a double telescopic rail. The rails can be pulled out as far as necessary to allow you to put in and remove food easily. If the telescopic rail is pulled out completely, it clicks firmly into place, thanks to a special mechanism, ensuring absolute stability. Baking and roasting have never been easier or safer.
    Telescopic rails
Quiet cooker hoods

Exceptionally quiet cooker hoods

Relax in a quieter kitchen with your guests. We have standardised all our extractor motors...

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Bosch has made baking easier with the unique PerfectBake sensor. It takes the guesswork...

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Whether you’re trying to achieve the perfect roast lamb or show off your culinary skills with...

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4D Hotair

Bosch’s 4D HotAir feature makes baking an absolute breeze by cooking cake and biscuits...

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