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We have trained Bosch technicians across South Africa.

Book a service call below. 

Bosch Customer Service

To book a service call contact:

08600 26724 (toll free number)

To book a service online click on the link below:

Book onlineBook online

You can contact our departments by email:

Send us an email

Lines are open Monday to Friday 08:00 to 16:00

Arrange an engineer visit

We have a team of Bosch trained technicians based around South Africa. You can arrange a visit both in and out of guarantee.  Before you book, please follow the steps below:

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  • Click here to book a service call online
    with our online system
  • or call us on 08600 26724.

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If you have already booked a service call and would like to follow up please contact 08600 26724.


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