Our most environmentally friendly dishwasher

Environmentally friendly dishwasher

Bosch ActiveWater dishwashers...

use even less water than ever – only 6.5 litres*.

With water consumption at an all time high, it is more important than ever to choose a dishwasher that helps preserve our most precious resource.

*6.5L water consumption in the Economy 50°C programme.

ActiveWater dishwashers

Active Water

A revolutionary dishwashing system that gets the most out of each and every drop of water. This incredible increase in efficiency is achieved through maximising water efficiency in the rinse cycles, faster heating-up, targeted water circulation and improved pump performance, so ActiveWater dishwashers use less water and less energy with increased performance.

Less Water

Our new AquaStar dishwasher uses only 6.5 litres* of water to wash 13 place settings on a standard Eco 50°C programme – every time. But our new ActiveWater technology isn’t restricted to just one model, it’s available on selected models throughout our Serie 8, Serie 6 and Serie 4 ranges.
A++ energy efficient

Less Energy

Our new ActiveWater dishwashers not only save water but they lead the way on energy consumption too. Our Aqua-Star model uses just 0.92kWh on a standard 50°C Eco programme which is 29% less energy than an equivalent Bosch dishwasher of 15 years ago. Now every household can not only save money but actively protect the environment too.

A rated drying performance

More performance

ActiveWater technology not only saves water and energy but also increases the performance of the machine with the faster heating-up times, optimum water circulation and improved pump performance. All Bosch ActiveWater dishwashers deliver an A wash and A drying performance every time.
Green technology inside

Green Technology inside

Look out for this new Bosch energy efficiency symbol as it is there to help you identify our most energy efficient models. You will see it next to our AquaStar and Logixx models with VarioDrawer.
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