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Bosch built-in refrigerators

Quality, freshness and style come built-in.

Bosch German engineering combined with quality materials lead to innovative refrigeration features such as the hidden door hinge, premium tempered glass, and beautiful LED lighting throughout.

Bosch freestanding refrigerators

The new definition of cool.

Whether you choose a streamlined built-in refrigerator or a freestanding counter-depth refrigerator, Bosch refrigerators deliver a clean, integrated look in your kitchen.

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Fresh fruit & vegetables, days later.

Fresh fruit & vegetables, days later.

At Bosch we know about maintaining the right balance of temperature and humidity for your food. VitaFresh technology maintains the optimal temperature and humidity levels automatically without making you guess the right settings for your produce, allowing it to stay fresher, longer. VitaFresh drawers provide a no-fuss solution to the challenge of optimal food storage.

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ENERGY STAR's "Most Efficient".

Bosch is proud to have achieved ENERGY STAR qualifications on many of our models. In fact our 24" refrigerators have been recognized as the ENERGY STAR's Most Efficient models for 2015. These models meet and exceed the energy efficiency requirements and help keep you favorite foods chilled.

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Designed with you in mind.

Designed with you in mind.

Bosch offers freestanding and specialty refrigerators in a variety of sizes and styles to integrate into any kitchen design. From integrating your refrigerator with our custom panel doors to optimizing a small space with our 24” bottom freezer refrigerator or our new sleek 24" glass-door refrigerators, Bosch provides multiple cooling options for a variety of designs.

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Bosch design. Bosch quality.

Bosch design. Bosch quality.

From the tempered glass used for the glass-door refrigerators, to the OptiFlex® hinge and CoolGlow LED lighting, quality materials are used to build Bosch refrigerators to ensure your cooling needs are met and that you have a premium quality refrigerator.



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