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German Engineering

Everyone knows Germans craft brilliant and efficient machines.

The question is, Why? At Bosch, it’s because we relish a challenge. We prize the ability to overcome technological obstacles in order to produce precise, powerful machines that perform better, are more intuitive to use and use fewer resources, while delivering world-class performance.

Moreover, we aren’t afraid of the exacting work it takes to produce elegant, stylish products with the most advanced technology available. Combine that with rigorous technical education, strict German efficiency guidelines and over two hundred days of rain driving us inside for long periods, well, maybe it’s not that difficult to understand what drives Germans to engineer the world’s best machines.


The Bosch Way

A wise economist once said:

“I’d rather lose money than trust.”

A brilliant thinker was convinced:

“Success isn’t a matter of perception. It’s a matter of character.”

An industrialist believed:

“All tasks are important, even the most modest.”

A philosopher knew:

“Where many people come together, cooperation is a must and each individual depends on the other.”

A visionary determined:

“If you aim for success, you will have to share responsibilities.”

An engineer said:

“No one should ever be satisfied with what he has achieved, but always endeavor to get better.”

Robert Bosch

German Industrialist and Founder of Bosch

All these words come from Robert Bosch, and are still being lived by all Bosch employees who carry on his spirit.

This spirit is also embedded in all our Bosch appliances - which help to make your life easier day after day. It’s the Bosch Way.

Bosch has been designing and building German kitchen appliances for over 125 years. We pride ourselves in our German engineering heritage that has been passed down from generation to generation. We are determined to make the highest quality appliances available. That's the Bosch way.

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