Bosch home appliances with Green Technology inside.

We don't do things by halves. Except when it comes to saving water.

Have you ever tried to halve your water consumption? We have. Since 1990, we've been able to cut the water consumption of our appliances by more than half.

For us, waste isn't just rubbish.

Collecting and separating the production waste in our factories is a matter of course. And now we also recycle 92% of it.

Energy Tips

Discover some simle ways to save energy at home.

The right quantity for your wash.

Generally, it's not a good thing to use your intuition when adding detergent. If too much is added, the machine has to rinse longer and uses more water. You should therefore always use the quantity recommended by the detergent manufacturer.

More is less here.

Don't wash items of clothing alone. An underloaded washing machine uses more power and water than a full one.


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