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At Bosch we know about maintaining the right balance of temperature and humidity for your food. VitaFresh technology maintains the optimal temperature and humidity levels automatically without making you guess the right settings for your produce, allowing it to stay fresher, longer. VitaFresh drawers provide a no-fuss solution to the challenge of optimal food storage. The HydroFresh drawer keeps fruits and vegetables fresh twice as long by controlling humidity. Optimum humidity levels allow moisture to be retained or reduced, depending on your settings, which can be set based on the type of fresh food you're storing. 

Fresh food stays fresh for longer.
Freshness depends on temperature and humidity. If you increase the humidity in the fridge, for example, fruit and vegetables stay fresh for longer. And that's exactly how our HydroFresh system works: Humidity is kept at a higher level in the HydroFresh compartment of the fridge. Depending on type and quantity, this can be adjusted with a slide control. In this way, fruit and vegetable stay fresh, crisp and full of vitamins for up to twice as long.

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The most important thing a dishwasher needs to provide is sparkling clean dishes; all while being quiet. Bosch looks at noise reduction from every angle, incorporating 18 unique sound-reducing technologies. And, as the quietest dishwasher brand in the U.S.*, all Bosch quiet levels are certified by an independent lab.

ExtraScrub for optimal cleaning.
Our ExtraScrub Option** increases pressure and temperature in the lower rack for intensive cleaning. Optimized for tablets, our detergent tray holds detergent in place for a dedicated spray jet to directly dissolve tablets and minimize spraying the door. (Note: Dishwasher also works with powder and gel).

*Based on an average of sound ratings of 24" Full Size Stainless Steel Tub dishwashers contained in major brands websites. Major brands defined as Traqline Top 5 Market Share December 2015. 
**DLX only.

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Speed & Style

Bosch 24-inch washers feature a sleek design that offers best-in-class installation. Stack them in a closet or under a kitchen counter. The large capacity can wash up to 18 bath towels in a single load while the innovative raindrop drum texture provides powerful cleaning that protects your clothes. 

Fit just about anywhere. 
Working together, Bosch 24-inch washers and dryers offer the fastest wash and dry cycle which takes a total of only 30 minutes. Bosch washers and dryers offer endless installation possibilities as you only need one electrical outlet to operate both appliances and, the dryer requires no venting so there's no ducting to worry about. The sensitive drying system uses warm, mild air to gently dry even the most delicate items. 

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Whether you're using one pot or several – with Bosch FlexInduction, you're free to choose.

With us, pots and pans can choose where they want to be.
FlexInduction automatically recognises the size and position of your cookware and only generates heat where it's really needed – right underneath the base of the pot. That not only gives you freedom and more space for your cookware, but also automatically improves safety, since the cookware recognition system switches the heat off as soon as there's no saucepan on the surface. And with so much space and flexibility, you'll have plenty of scope to develop your cooking skills!

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We can't cancel out everyday life for you. But we can make it much easier for you – by offering you absolute peak performance. Because Bosch home appliances represent uncompromising quality, technical perfection and maximum reliability.

The new Bosch corporate film "Bosch in every detail" impressively illustrates the link between uncompromising quality and the advantageous objective of achieving "simply the perfect result". The music for the film was created by Robert Robster Henke aka STOMAX. The richly varied sound that comes from this Berlin-based music produced is based on a mix of different influences, from hip hop, electro, 80s and classic music.

Download the film music here:

Bosch in every detail means making life easier for you.
For us, premium quality means much more than high-quality materials and first-class workmanship. We devote 100% of our concentration, passion and attention to detail to every one of our work phases, from the first design through the tiniest spare part to our advice and customer services. Because only by doing this can we guarantee the quality that everyone throughout the world knows and expects from Bosch home appliances.

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